7 games to play on a long car journey

Sponsored Post¦ Long car journeys can be boring enough for adults, let alone children. The universal moans of “Are we nearly there yet?” are something every parent dreads. Unfortunately, they even happen on a 20 minute journey with Autumn. I can only imagine how much it would grate on us if we were going on holiday, driving hundreds of miles. We’ve not been on holiday since just over a year before the pandemic began and I am desperate to get away.

Before going for a trip it’s so important to prepare. For instance, you may need day insurance for your car and to go to the shop to stock up on snacks and drinks! Other than snacks, I have a few other tricks up my sleeve to keep Autumn occupied when we do go on holiday again! We’ll kill some time by playing these 7 games.

Scavenger Hunt

Autumn loves a scavenger hunt! Whenever she’s bored and I want to give her an activity to do that’s low-effort for me, I arrange a scavenger hunt. We usually do these in the house or go out for a short work to look. I think of some things that will be easy to find and tick off and some things that will be a bit more challenging! As Autumn has only just begun to read, I tend to print out pictures alongside words on a piece of paper for her to mark off.

I usually get her to look for 9 things, but would add more for a car trip to make it last longer. Things such as the QEII bridge, pylons, cows and motorbikes are things I can think of off the top of my head to list.

I Spy

Surely “I Spy” must be the classic game to play on a car journey? Everyone knows how to play it too, simply spot something and say what letter it begins with. Everyone else then tries to guess what you’re thinking of. For younger children, you can do it with colours instead of letters!

The rhyming game

Autumn really enjoys rhyming at the moment, so this is one of her favourite games. Simply start with a word and take it in turns to think of a word that rhymes until you can’t think of any more!

Would you rather?

This game can be really silly, which is all part of the fun! Questions such as “Would you rather have fish fingers for toes, or burgers for fingers?” get everyone giggling at the thought and thinking too. Some of the reasons behind the answers can be funnier than the question itself!

Fill the gap

I’m our household’s champion of this game. Every good road trip needs a great soundtrack, so why not involve yours in your family’s games? While you’re listening to music, stop it at random intervals and see who gets the next lyrics right! You can play it with any genre of music. Even younger children can join in if you play nursery rhymes!

Spot the car

Before you set off, decide on a car that you’re going to look out for on your journey. For example, a red Land Rover Defender. The first person to spot it wins and gets to choose the next vehicle you look out for!

20 questions

This game is a classic too. Choose someone to go first (perhaps the youngest?) They then pick a person, place or thing and everyone else takes turns to ask a “yes or no” question. This continues until 20 questions have been asked or someone guesses what the person was thinking of!


Hopefully these games will help you to ease the boredom on your next car journey and stave off the “Are we nearly there yet”s for a bit longer.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with Day Insure. As always, all views and opinions are honest and my own.

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