Review: Learn-To-Sit™ Floor Seat

Review (Gifted)¦ I was recently sent a Learn-To-Sit Floor Seat™ to review from Summer Infant. At the time of writing, it retails for around £54. It also comes with removable toys and a snack tray. Reuben and I have been putting it to the test and I’ve also been taking a look at its competition! Read on to see what I’ve thought.


Just as you get one trick up your sleeve for ‘getting things done’, babies grow that little bit more and all of a sudden you’re on the back foot again. I used to pop Reuben on his play mat while I prepared dinner, for instance. However, it wasn’t long before he started moving. First he’d rotate himself on the mat, then he’d manage to move further and further away from it. When it got to the point that he’d moved a metre away from it by the time I’d peeled one potato, I knew it was time I needed another trick.

That is one of my favourite things about the Learn-To-Sit Floor Seat™. I can keep Reuben in one place and happy and keep an eye on him while I prepare the vegetables for dinner or eat my lunch. He really enjoys chewing on the toys that are attached to it. There are different shapes, colours and textures for them to fiddle with. The detachable tray is also great for popping some of his other toys on for him to play with. While I’m making dinner, I also pop little bits of food on there to play with and try.

Summer Infant Learn-To-Sit Floor Seat


I searched for “floor seat” and it seems to be the same price point as others on the market. However, I haven’t seen another that has three positions. They all seem to keep the baby sitting in the same way. The Learn-To-Sit, however, allows you to adapt it to your child’s development levels. The first one is lower to the ground and is suitable for babies who have full neck control but need more support. The second setting helps babies who are starting to learn to sit up more balance. Once they’ve begun to sit up unaided, the seat can quickly and easily be changed to the third setting. I’ve noticed that as well as this, you have to buy the tray/accessories for other floor seats separately. Therefore, this floor seat is definitely the best value for money I’ve seen.

Summer Infant Learn-To-Sit Floor Seat adjustable height

Our Thoughts

Reuben loves his floor seat. He seems to get fed up of being on the floor sometimes and really enjoys sitting up and having a slightly higher vantage point. We started with him at 6 months on the second setting. He seemed really comfortable in there, his little feet on the soft mat. I could see him working on his balance in there as he chewed on the toys. Now, at almost 7 and a half months old, he can sit up unaided for a couple of minutes. I have changed him onto the third setting and he looks supported enough but not like he’s being given too much support.

It feels like almost everything has been thought of. The material seat part can be easily removed, washed and tumble dryed. It feels well made and it easily folds right down for easy transportation. There is also a harness to secure your baby. The base of the seat is sturdy enough to keep the seat upright when Reuben rocks himself around. The only negative thing I can think of, is that the leg holes are quite snug to get Reuben’s legs into as babies are wriggly and he’s fairly chunky!

Disclosure: I was gifted this product for the purpose of this review. As always, all views and opinions are honest and my own.

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