How To Turn A Holiday Romance Into A Lasting Relationship

Collaborative Post¦ It might sound fictional, but holiday romance is a real thing. Research revealed that 58% of Brits are in favour of this exciting relationship. Sadly, only 7% of these vacation love progress into lasting relationships. As you contemplate these stats, you might wonder if holiday romance stands a chance. If you wish to elevate your romantic adventure into a lasting relationship, please consider these tips. 

Be realistic about the possibilities

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Sometimes, a holiday romance is just what it is- fleeting, momentary and with very little chance to blossom. However, in some instances, the emotional connection may be so strong that both parties decide to nurture it. However, you should first assess the practicalities. Take this scenario, for instance. You met your romance partner in Brazil while on vacation. However, you live and work in the UK. 

Geographical distance makes it challenging to progress into a lasting relationship. Although you have an option to start a long-distance relationship, your romantic partner may like to visit. Suppose you both got married in Brazil during the vacation. In that case, you must apply for a spouse visa to grant your partner access to your country. This is just one possibility you may wish to explore, but ultimately, the decision must be convenient for you both.

Be optimistic about the relationship and the person involved

Saga UK research reveals that 93% of holiday romances fail to progress into serious relationships. However, you can be different by staying optimistic about the likelihood of a relationship. If you believe in romance, then you also may believe in soul mates. Although you had a holiday fling, it can be enough to determine your compatibility. However, be confident that the other person feels the same way about you. The last thing you want is for a relationship to become one-sided.

Work towards it

No relationship will work without effort, making it imperative for you both to set the foundation of a lasting relationship. Values like trust, commitment, respect, support and setting mutual boundaries for each other are expedient. Furthermore, long-lasting relationships need a great deal of emotional tuning and excellent communication. Both of you should view it more as the great awakening to reality after a steamy holiday romance. Research has proven that a poorly managed holiday romance can have effects on mental health.

Avoid being a control freak

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No real relationship survived with partners exhibiting controlling traits. You are still in the very early stages of emotional bonding, and any controlling trait will put an end to a budding relationship. To avoid this mistake, you should place a high priority on privacy, whether or not they ask for it. This shows that you are willing to show consideration to their needs.

You should never ignore the safety and security elements required in the early stages of dating. Although you had a heated romance, you’re yet to study them thoroughly. Therefore, it’s best to take the necessary precautions to avoid harm. 

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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