Essential products you can keep as your baby grows

Collaborative Post¦ Constantly buying new products as your baby grows can be financially difficult for many. As parents, we are bombarded every day with adverts for new baby products and told that, due to our babies age, they can no longer use one thing and instead need something new.

This, however, is not the case. There are plenty of products that you can keep for years as your baby grows, and they can continue to use and enjoy. With this in mind, we have partnered with Joyto to highlight some products that you can keep as your baby grows up.

Bamboo plates and bowls

While it might not be the first thing you think about when looking at baby products, plates and bowls are essential pieces of equipment. Learning how to eat on their own is vital for every child, and parents can help them with this by using the right kind of plates and bowls. Bamboo is an excellent option for plates and bowls as it’s durable and, unlike plastic, will not develop sharp edges that could be dangerous for young children. Some bamboo plates and bowls, such as Joyto’s, also come with a silicone suction element on the bottom to help babies and young children keep their bowl on the table rather than the floor!

Room temperature and video monitors

Temperature and video monitors are incredibly useful for parents to check on their babies and young children during the night when they start sleeping in their own room. This can be a particularly stressful time for parents but having this option can help them feel secure in the knowledge that their children are in a room that is warm but not too hot and that if they need to, they can see they’re ok during the night without entering the room and possibly disturbing their sleep. These monitors are really useful and do not need to be replaced as your baby grows.

Baby blanket

You often hear about children who still have their baby blanket into their teenage years and maybe even longer. Being able to keep their blanket with them as they grow up can be a great source of comfort and reassurance for many children. While it’s impossible to know if your child will be someone who wants to keep theirs, it’s always a possibility. For this reason, it’s important to buy a baby blanket that is made from high-quality materials and can withstand being washed continually over the years.


Finding the right buggy for your baby is a complicated process, given the huge variety of options available now. It can also be a very expensive purchase. With this in mind, it can be a good idea to look for a buggy that can still be used as your baby grows. There are options available now that can be used from birth up to the age of six, so looking into these can be a great option that can last and be usable for years as your child grows.

Buying baby products that you’re going to be able to keep and use for years to come makes great financial sense and can help take the pressure off parents that can often be put on them by advertising campaigns. It also makes environmental sense to buy fewer products and keep them for longer, something that is becoming more important to us all every day.

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