Tips For Decorating And Furnishing Your First Home

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Collaborative Post¦ You’ve bought your first house and now all the fun decisions start. How to decorate and furnish!

You know the house has potential, now it is about deciding how to put that personal stamp on it and make it feel homely. You may find that until you really live in the space that you may continue to make changes in relation to what you want. So it can be worth taking your time, knowing your space and lighting so you can decide what will be best and work for you long term. 

To help you with your decorating journey here are some tried and tested pointers

Don’t Rush Into A Decision

It can be very easy one you get handed the keys to want to go crazy and start decorating each room and sourcing your furniture. However, after buying a house things can sometimes be a little more financially tight, so it is worth reining it in, and just taking some time to decide on your colour scheme, room style, what furniture you want and need, storage along with considering how long you plan to keep this. As, for example if you are planning on having a baby in the near future you may want to plan ahead to ensure the rooms continue to remain practical and will provide you with tasteful and particular living solutions as your family grows. 


You have spent the time considering what items you need, now is the time to shop around. You may make the decision to upcycle second hand furniture or have retained a separate pot of funds to allow you go and buy the round marble dining tables, you’ve always had your eye on and all the other furniture needed. 

Make A Plan

When you have so many rooms to decorate and furnish, it is worth spending some time to compose a list of what items you need to buy. If you take the approach of winging it, you’ll see your spending escalate and if you’re not careful you’ll end up buying items you don’t need or don’t bring any value to your space. By taking the time to jot down what you already own, what you need and what you would ideally want, it will help you keep you on track. 

Stick To Your Budget

You have already just spent thousands on the house. So, financially you may have constraints on your financial capacity and need to be mindful in order to stretch those funds to cover all that is needed. It can be so easy to get caught up in the excitement and end up blowing your money really quickly and not getting everything you need. So, remember you don’t need to buy everything from the same shop, even if the salesman suggests otherwise. Shop around, you’ll be surprised at the difference in cost from one shop to another. Of course, if you end up coming in under budget you can then go and indulge in the additional wow factor items. 

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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