Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal That You Should Know!

Collaborative Post¦ Laser treatment of removing body and face hair is one of the popular techniques that has been successful in creating a buzz around the world.This painless process of removing the hair from your body is a new way of creating beautiful and smooth textured skin.

It is one of the best-known treatments that prevent your hair follicles from growing more new hair. But have you ever thought about the various side effects that it might have on your body? There are many myths and facts which surround the treatment that one should be aware of.

For some laser treatment is a safer and easy way of removing unwanted hair and for some, it is a thing of concern. That is the reason why we brought you some of the common side effects of having your hair through laser treatment.

  1. Unwanted irritation with redness: The procedure mainly damages the hair follicles present in the targeted parts making your body react to it. This led to redness and itchiness creating an unwanted irritation. The particular skin will appear to be red, swollen, and light tender. The irritation may continue for a few hours after the treatment but will initially decrease to the normal state.


  1. Crusting: Skin crusting is one of the other side effects that appear in the area of the skin after the treatment. This is not a major issue that affects the skin majorly but it causes inconvenience and irritation to the client. One should not itch or rub this area as it may result in scarring and scabbing of the skin. This condition can be treated well after the treatment using a mild moisturizer or ointment to soothe the area.


  1. Change of skin coloration: This is the most common occurrence after the treatment. The skin colour changes its colour for some time from lighter to darker or vice versa after the treatment. It is not a major thing that happens but it might create a certain amount of discomfort to the person who went through the treatment.


  1. Injury to the eye: The process uses the high intensity of lasers that can cause eye infections mainly when the doctor performs the treatment on the face. It can also lead to eye injuries and pain which is a major part. This can be easily avoided by wearing some eye protection by both practitioner and the receiver.


  1. Skin infection: The treatment on the body may cause high skin infections in the patients. While damaging the hair follicles of the body increases the chances of growing skin infections that can be harmful. If seen with any such infections or problems the client should actively consult the dermatologist.


There are many other side effects that can cause many problems post treatment. The patient may get burns with blisters on the skin along with scars and many more things that can cause a huge problem if not treated at the right time. There are many doctors and experienced consultants present in the Therapie clinic that can help you through the process.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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