4 reasons to have your hair cut by a mobile hairdresser

Collaborative Post¦ Styling hair these days is no longer about practicality. It’s about fashion, styles, and trends and making sure you’re happy with the hair on your head. Trends are constantly changing, meaning hairstyles need to change too. From colour to length, curls to straight, the hairstyle possibilities are endless. However, achieving these styles isn’t always easy. In fact, they’re actually quite difficult! Cutting and colouring your own hair is a mammoth task, which is why many opt to go to a salon and have it done by a professional. Usually, being at a salon can be an enjoyable experience, but that’s not always the case. This is why there has been an increase in the number of people deciding to have an at-home haircut in Charlotte and the surrounding areas. There are actually at-home hairdressers all over the country nowadays and their services are becoming far more popular than ever before. The switch from salon to at-home is very easy as well as popular! Here are 4 reasons many people are switching to at-home hairdressers.

More comfortable

One of the biggest reasons for the switch is that being in your own home is far more comfortable than any salon. You can relax, move about as you please and even dress how you would like. Being in a space that’s familiar to you can improve your whole hairdressing experience and make you feel far better than being in a salon. Not to mention, the atmosphere will be far more comfortable too. No longer do you have to hear other hairstylists and clients chatting or have to listen to music that doesn’t appeal to you. Plus, if you only go to the hairdressers for a slight trim anyway, it can feel like a chore, however, when a hairdresser comes to your home, you can feel much more comfortable and feel more relaxed about the trim. No longer is it a chore, it’s something you can enjoy.

Saves time

If you’ve ever been to a salon, you will know that the waiting times can vary drastically. Appointments can overrun, emergencies can come in, it can be a nightmare. Before you know it, your appointment is pushed back by 30 minutes and all you can do is wait. Sometimes, this can disrupt your appointment so much that a stylist may not even be able to complete the full look you’re after. This can be incredibly frustrating, but with an at-home hairdresser, you can avoid almost all of these problems. An at-home stylist can have complete control over their diary and manage their time as they see fit, meaning that each and every client gets the time they deserve, rather than being rushed due to delays. Even if your hairdresser were to be late, it wouldn’t be so bad as you’re at home and could be doing other things with your time, rather than just sat in a waiting area.


At-home hairdressers are often more affordable than salons simply because they do not have as many overheads. Rent, electricity, and water bills are not something that needs to considered because the hairstylist is working on your hair from your own home. Prices are often lower to factor this in so the same services you’d find in a salon are usually more affordable when having them at home.

No distractions

There are dozens of distractions in a physical salon. The phone is always ringing, clients are in and out and hair stylists are always consulting one another. Not only do these distractions cost time, but if distracted, a hairdresser may not do as good as job as they could have done. When having your hair done at home, you can eliminate these distractions so that your hairdresser is completely dedicated to your hair. Not only is this more efficient, but it also means that you’re more likely to get exactly what you ask for.

There you have it, just some of the reasons why many have switched to at-home hairdressers and why you should too. If you’ve already made the switch, there are plenty of other at-home beauty services you can use. It’s almost like you’d never have to leave home.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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