Incredible reasons why you should light your home with LED bulbs

Collaborative Post¦ Are you still lighting your home with traditional bulbs? Or are you someone who has to go about your day in the dim glow of an energy-efficient bulb while you wait for it to warm up? These days you don’t have to put up with these dated lighting solutions. There is a better alternative!

LED  light bulbs have never been more popular and more people than ever before are transforming their homes and their outdoor spaces with these simple yet incredibly beneficial lighting options. You could be one of them. Here we’ll explore some incredible reasons why you should light your home with LED light bulbs.

They last longer

We’ve all been there. Flicked the light switch for our drum pendant lighting only to hear the familiar sound of the lightbulb blowing. You only changed them recently though, right? The lifespan of a traditional light bulb is frustrating and incredibly expensive, but with an LED light bulb, it’s not something you need to worry about. With an operating hour span of around 100,000 hours, you don’t have to fork out the cost of new bulbs every couple of months or experience the frustration of not being able to find the bulb you need in the supermarket, ultimately, saving you time and money!

They’re energy-efficient

Many people use traditional energy-efficient light bulbs, however, they dislike their dim glow and their standard “warm-up time” before they begin to output any light. LED light bulbs consume very little energy and are around 80% more efficient than other lighting solutions. LED bulbs require less power to illuminate and unlike traditional lighting, only have around 5% heat waste. So, choosing LEDs, means you’re doing your bit for the environment.

You need less of them

Unlike traditional lights, LED bulbs distribute light differently. LEDs don’t disperse light in all directions, wasting energy and light resources. You can especially focus which areas of the room you want to be lit, without wasting energy and money. This means you’ll need fewer lights in your home and again, help the environment.


Lightbulbs are a particular shape and not exactly known for being versatile in design and style. However, when it comes to LED bulbs and fittings, the only limit is your imagination. LED bulbs give you incredible design flexibility that traditional lighting can only dream of. From strip lights to LED light bars, dimming capabilities, colouring changing options, various lengths, bendable options etc. They’re incredibly versatile which means you can play with underlit cabinets in your kitchen or mood lighting in your bedroom. Even outdoor lighting can improve the security of your home.

And finally, toxicity is non-existent

If you’re particularly conscious of your carbon footprint and how your choices impact the environment, then another reason to choose LED bulbs is their lack of toxic components. When traditional lights are sent to landfill, their toxic elements and chemicals are left to contaminate the ground around them. When you switch to LED bulbs, you don’t have to worry about chemicals and harming the environment. Just make sure you dispose of them properly.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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