Is a Car Motability Scheme Right for You?

Collaborative Post¦ Accessibility is so important for those of us who have a disability, and that extends to all aspects of our life, especially to our vehicles. We understand, more than most, the importance of having an accessible and functional car in good working order to get us to our various appointments and treatments. 

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For many of us, motability schemes are a great way to keep a functioning, nice car at all times that is accessible and gets us from A to B. Motability schemes are designed with the disabled in mind, making it easier for them to attain vehicles that adhere to their individual needs and preferences. Motability schemes are much easier than traditional car buying, in that you don’t have to fill out lengthy forms and applications, undergo credit checks, or worry about expensive down payments. You simply trade in your motability allowance, in most cases, to purchase a car within your budget. And even if you don’t drive, you can still trade in the allowance for a vehicle. Most motability scheme vehicles include insurance for up to three drivers who you will list on the policy, so your carer, spouse or family members are covered. 

And motability schemes are for more than just cars, too. Many don’t realize that you can use a motability scheme to fund other accessible mobility aids and transportation, such as scooters, powered wheelchairs, and wheel-chair accessible vehicles/additions for vehicles. The process is entirely the same no matter what type of vehicle or aid you’re purchasing. 

So how does a motability scheme work? For those who have never used one, it’s simple. For those who have a higher rate of mobility allowance (including those with enhanced rate of the motability component and/or higher rate motability component), are able to use these funds to purchase an accessible vehicle or powered mobility aid, without having to go through lengthy credit checks or applications. 

There are many options available to you when it comes to accessible vehicles, many brands of which offer their own individual plans, including the Vauxhall motability. The Vauxhall motability plan offers no down payment on most vehicles, allows you to upgrade your vehicle every three years, and includes maintenance and servicing, and mileage allowances, in addition to other perks, benefits and services. This is just one of the many great motability options that trusted vehicle brands offer; take your time looking at the various options available to you before choosing the perfect vehicle for your plan. 

Many people who are new to motability schemes have questions about if they qualify or how the program can work for them. You can find the answer to most questions right on the Motability website, as well as speaking to reps at reputable dealerships who sell and lease motability vehicles, to get the answers you’re looking for. Do you think a motability scheme might be a great idea for you to buy your next car? Chances are, you’re right!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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