Review: Klikkie – liberating your photos!

Gifted¦ Are you like me? Guilty of having thousands of photos on your phone but never printing any of them? Many of us do this and sadly, lots of these will be confined to an SD card forever. Even sadder, it’s so easy to lose them as you change phones. This is where Klikkie come in. They’re a Dutch start-up company who are on a mission to liberate your photos from your phone in a fun, easy way!

How it works


Firstly, you choose which type of subscription you’d like. If you’d like to try it out for a month, it’s £6.95. Half a year is £41.70 or a year is £88.40. With the latter, you also get an album to display your pictures in (£5 of the cost is to cover the shipping of the album).

Alternatively, you can subscribe someone to Klikkie as a gift. A 3 month gift subscription is £20.85.

Choosing your photos

Each month, you choose 10 photos. It can be a tough decision to make, but it’s fun making such a mindful decision to choose your most favourite photos from the month. In a digital world where we can take photo after photo, it’s a good way of making sure we actually print some off, but without having an abundance of photos we do nothing with. If you’re into Marie Kondo‘s popular tidying method of keeping only things that spark joy to help you declutter, it fits in very well with that.

Klikkie photo sizes order

My first month

The site was really smooth and simple to use. The delivery was really quick too. Only 3 days passed between me making my order and it being posted through my door! The packaging was simple but very pleasing to the eye and I couldn’t wait to take a look inside!

It was a lovely experience, taking the photos out of the envelope and looking at them. It was delightful to have physical happy little snippets of the last few weeks: a trip to beautiful Hever Castle, Autumn and I being flower girl and maid of honour at my friend’s wedding, a spontaneous date with my husband, gardening and a picnic with Autumn.

Klikkie photo subscription review photos

All of these pictures and the memories that go with them mean a lot to me. As such, it’s a wonderful feeling that these highlights of my May won’t be lost and can be popped in an album or displayed around our home.

Klikkie is perhaps a little more expensive than some photo printing services. However, the experience is great! I’m already looking forward to receiving my reminder from them to choose my next photos. It’s such a clever yet simple idea to make sure photos are seen and treasured as they’re supposed to be, not lost in the digital abyss.

Disclosure: I was gifted a  3 month subscription to Klikkie in return for this review. As always, all views and opinions are honest and my own.

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