Soundtracks of my summers

I have always really loved music and had an eclectic taste from a young age. I notice what I listen to often changes with the seasons. Whilst rock and metal are my favourite genres, I find that I listen to more chart music in the summer. After all, in the summer I’m out and about more with my husband and it’s often feel-good pop songs on the radio when the sun is shining! Thinking back, there is always one song each year that really reminds me of that summer. Here I look back through the stand-out songs to me thinking back to summers gone and the memories that relate to them.


One of my earliest memories is being in traffic on the way to the beach with my parents when I was about 4 or 5. I was so excited about getting there, paddling in the sea and making sandcastles! It was hot and sunny, the sunroof was open and Holiday by Madonna was playing on the radio. It’s a great memory where I just felt so happy and summery!

Fast forward a few years and I was obsessed with S Club 7. Reach was such a feel good tune that made me feel like I could do anything. It was on the radio throughout summer and the music video was fun.

By 2003, I was a huge Busted fan. My parents really liked them too and their debut CD was almost all we listened to on a brilliant holiday to Cornwall. I can visually remember various country lanes and scenery as we all sang along to their first album.

Teenage years

2005 was one of the most fun summer holidays during my school years. Aged 13, I was getting my first tastes of freedom. I was out most days cycling around town and/or hanging out with friends. Don’t Lie by The Black Eyed Peas seemed to be the main song on the radio that summer. I remember hanging out with one of my friends in my parents’ kitchen with it on the radio, sipping apple juice after a great afternoon.

By the following year, my music tastes had really begun to change. Although I’d always really enjoyed rock and some metal, I started to listen to those genres almost exclusively. I barely paid attention to what was on the radio anymore. Come Clarity was the first song I heard by In Flames and I was hooked instantly. From there on, I got more and more into metal and with the help of the internet found more and more awesome metal bands to listen to.

The following summer, metal and heavy rock was all I was listening to. By now, I’d made some new friends through my music tastes which was awesome.

By 2008, I was still mainly listening to the rock and metal genres. However, I’d made a new friend who didn’t really listen to that type of music much. When we hung out, we often listened to the music channels as background while we chatted and snacked. That friendship really developed over the summer and we started dating. Yes, that friend became my husband! Closer by Ne-Yo was always being played on the radio and music channels that summer, so it always transports me right back to that time.

After a couple of months of dating, my husband (then boyfriend) got his driving licence. The next summer came with more freedom and we went on a camping trip. My music tastes were beginning to rub off on him a bit and we listened to a lot of classic rock. He liked the Kid Rock song ‘All Summer Long’, but I taught him that Sweet Home Alabama was way, way better!


A few years later, life was much different. We were both working full time and had bought our first house. We managed to fit in a camping trip to Dorset as it was cheaper than renting a holiday cottage or staying an a hotel. There was a heatwave and the sun shone all week, Treasure by Bruno Mars playing on the radio as we drove from beach to town.

The first summer at my current job was really exciting. With flexi time and having weekends off, I was able to enjoy the summer much more than I had for a few years. I Got U by Duke Dumont just got me on the dance floor and in such a happy summery mood.

In 2015 when we got married, Black Magic by Little Mix had just come out. I remember feeling so happy but nervous hearing it play on the radio as I got ready for our wedding.

Last year, I finally got to go to Download Festival after years and years of wanting to go. This was an opportunity to see some of my favourite rock and metal bands live, as well as finding out about some new ones. Airbourne made an instant fan out of me, with such an awesome set and great charisma. However, it was the singer riding around on the shoulders of a random guy dressed as a kangaroo that was a particular highlight!

This summer, Shotgun by George Ezra is my summer song. I may still favour rock and metal, but I appreciate good talent in artists and George certainly has that! This song was on the radio as we travelled to Bluestone for our summer holiday. It was one of the best holidays we’ve ever had and this got turned up and sung along to every time it came on the radio during the week.

So, what about you? What’s your song of this summer?

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