Elves Behavin’ Badly

I’m a bit late blogging about it. I’ve been ill with one thing or another for the vast majority of the past 3 months. This has put me behind with absolutely everything! Obviously, Autumn, my day job and any paid commitments on the blog have had to come first.

Anyway, a couple of months ago I got an email saying that I’d won a competition with Elves Behavin’ Badly. It was something I entered at Blog On Xmas. It was a total surprise, as I thought it had probably already been drawn by then! The elves at the event loved my turkey hat and that clinched my prize!

My prize

My prize consisted of the following:

  • An elf
  • A baby elf
  • A baby elf table
  • A paint your own elf door
    Elves Behavin Badly Elf Door
  • An elf mini soft toy
  • Elf slippers
    Elves Behavin Badly Elf Slippers
  • An elf reusable bag, perfect for Christmas shopping!
    Elves Behavin Badly Elf Bag
  • Elf snap cards
  • Elf stickers – for creating a secret elf door!

    They’re all amazing! I never realised what a great range of products there are until I received this lovely prize. However, at 14 months, Autumn isn’t really able to enjoy them yet. As such, I’m saving it all for next year. I have messed around with the elf with my husband a couple of times though. He went into the attic the other day. When he came out, he found Elfie clinging onto the side of the ladder for dear life!


I’m already feeling inspired for next year. Here are some of the best I’ve seen in the blogosphere:

Player Elf

Over at Family Travel with Ellie, their elf is a bit of a player!

Marshmallow bath

Meanwhile, over at Lianne of AnkleBiters Adventures’ household, this happened! The baby elves fancied a bath in some marshmellows.

Peek a boo!

Nina at Spencer’s Arc‘s elves could almost go unnoticed peeking through these cereal boxes!

Christmas jumpers

Another day, her elves wore teeny tiny Christmas jumpers! Cute!

Sneaky smooch

That Mummy Blog found her elf Ring Ring stealing a kiss with Elsa under the mistletoe!

Chilling Out

Fran from Back With a Bump found her elf chilling out in the fridge. After all, our homes are a lot warmer than where they’re used to! She has 5 great elf on the shelf ideas on her blog, but this was my personal favourite.

Cereal invader

A lot of time clearly went into this video from Property Parent. I can’t wait to see what else he comes up with, as he’s set the bar pretty high!

Let’s hope I’m better from a health and time perspective next year. I really enjoy seeing what people get up to with their elves and am looking forward to getting creative in 2018. In the mean time, the bag is perfect for doing Christmas shopping and the elves are bringing Christmas cheer even if they’re not up to much mischief!

What has your elf on the shelf got up to this year?

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