A letter to my daughter at 10 months old

Dear Autumn,

I know I’m biased, but you truly are the most beautiful little girl I’ve ever seen. You’re so perfect. I just want to squish you in a lovely big cuddle, but you wouldn’t let me. You always just want to wiggle away and get back to exploring the world! You are so into everything, it’s so exhausting chasing you around constantly, trying to keep you out of harm’s way. However, I have to remind myself that it’s such a wonderful thing that you’re clearly so intelligent and eager to learn about the world around you.

You change so much each month. Over the last month, you’ve…

Had your first top knot!

Yes, I finally managed to get enough hair together on your head to make a top knot! It looks so adorable! It was so hot at the beginning of the month, I thought it might help to keep you a bit cooler too.


Said your first word!

For quite a few weeks now, you’ve been saying “Mamamamamama”. At first, we thought it was just you making sounds. However, you soon started saying just “Mama” or “Mum” on their own. I’m not sure at what point we realised it had meaning, but it definitely does.

If you’re upset, you call for me. The other day you were suffering with your teething and you were calling for me when Daddy was looking after you. As soon as Daddy brought you upstairs to me, you smiled and stopped saying “Mama”.

Went to your first village fete

Mummy and Daddy had a stall selling elderflower cordial at a local village fete! You had a great time waving at people as they passed by. You also enjoyed crawling around on the grass, trying to eat weeds. Mummy and Daddy kept stopping you, to your dismay.

Learned to open the stair gate

Yes, at the tender age of 9 months, you learned how to open the gate into the kitchen! We really have to watch our backs now!

You’ve got really good at cruising and climbing, too. You can move incredibly fast by holding onto things, and you can climb quite big things too! You can climb the stairs quite quickly if we allow you to (with VERY close supervision, of course). That’s something else you learned how to do this month!

Won a race with Daddy

You and Daddy enjoy crawling around Great Nana’s garden together. Daddy says he lets you win, but I don’t believe him!

Stole my sandwich

You have taken to coming up to people’s plates and stealing their food if they don’t watch out!

A couple of weeks ago, you literally stole a whole quarter of my sandwich despite the fact you’d just had a sandwich, a yogurt AND blueberries!

You are so cheeky with such an individual little personality already; you make me laugh!

Made THE biggest mess

Sadly, we lost Great Grandad this month. The loss of a relative is another sad first for you, sweetheart. Great Grandad loved you lots and I’m sure you loved him too. You smiled and waved at him when you saw him.

We’ve been spending as much time as we can supporting Great Nana, so we’ve been there a lot at dinnertime. However, you made such a mess the other week that Great Nana won’t let you eat your dinner in her living room anymore! She put a towel down on the floor to catch any bits that came off of your highchair, but you threw it so far that bits ended up on the carpet elsewhere in the room.

You looked so pleased with yourself, too!

We all love you so much, my darling. Even more so for being such a wonderful, cheeky little ray of sunshine at what has been such a sad and difficult month.

All my love always,

Mummy x

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