Posterlounge Atteloi lilacs poster

Posterlounge picture for my living room redecoration

One of my projects this year is to redecorate our living room. It has never looked nice the whole time we have lived in our house. After much saving, my husband and I managed to buy our first house when we were 20. However, it was at the cheaper end of the market and the previous owners had allowed their dogs to cause lots of damage. This means that 5 years after purchase, the laminate flooring in our living room is awful with lots of cracks and chunks out of it.

I’m hoping to redecorate in grey and lilacs/purples, after being inspired by a display in Next a couple of years ago. We had to buy a rug when Autumn started crawling, and chose a grey rug with white and grey butterflies on it. We really need to get on with the bigger parts of redecorating, but one of the other things I now have sorted out is the pictures I want displayed in the room. After our beautiful Emma’s Diary photoshoot, we now have a lovely frame and photographs above the mantlepiece. However, I wanted a big picture for the longest wall in our lounge. This is where Posterlounge came to the rescue!

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6 tips for doing a boot fair with a baby in tow

I’ve recently had a huge clear out. The amount of clutter everywhere was starting to make me feel a little stressed out, so I decided to take action. I’d toyed with the idea of doing a boot fair for a couple of years, but had never got round to it. I’d also heard lots of negative things about people stealing things and trying to haggle prices to ridiculous amounts.

However, now that I have a baby in tow, it’s harder than it once would have been! I’ve put together some tips based on my experience of the boot sale that I did a few weeks ago.

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You can haggle when buying a car

10 tips to save money at the supermarket

A few years ago at the age of 20, my then fiancé, now husband, and I were saving money for a deposit for our first house. This led me to think of various ways of saving money, including when shopping in the supermarket. This continued in the first year of owning our house as at that point our combined wages were only just enough to pay the mortgage and bills, until I got another job which made things a lot more comfortable for us. However, now that I’m on maternity leave, I am having to watch the pennies again. Here are my top tips for saving money when shopping in supermarkets!

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Librarians in Harry Potter dress

Celebrating 20 years of Harry Potter at Strood Library

As all big fans of Harry Potter, (or ‘Potterheads‘) will know, this is a very important week indeed. Monday 26th June marked the 20th anniversary of the first book, The Philosopher’s Stone being published. In the two decades that have ensued, the hearts and imaginations of children and adults worldwide have been captured.

Many have been celebrating, and J.K. Rowling has thanked her fans.

When I found out that Strood Library/Community Hub were also celebrating the 20th anniversary, I was so delighted that I almost felt 8 years old again!

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Download Festival: A weekend of rock and metal!

I’ve desperately wanted to go to Download Festival since I was about 13 or 14. However, I was prevented from going with some anxiety issues I’d had since childhood and a lack of money! When my husband won tickets, I was delighted and determined to enjoy a weekend of rock and metal!

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