8 Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

The main focus of the last few days has, of course, been the snow. We’ve had lots of it here in Kent and the roads have been quite unsafe. As such, we haven’t managed to get out Mother’s Day shopping yet. I’m sure many of you are in the same boat. However, it’s creeping up fast as Mother’s Day is now only next weekend on Sunday 11th March! Here’s some gift ideas – most of which you can buy online to save you going out in the ice and cold weather.

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Review: Square Pie Proper Little Pies

I said I was giving myself a break this week for my birthday. Come on though, when do I ever give myself a break?! It feels like this week has a square pie sized hole, so I couldn’t resist putting this review up. I was going to write and publish this post just before Christmas. However, I then realised that all anyone cared about at that point was Christmas and these pies do NOT deserve to be ignored by the masses!

You may be familiar with Square Pie, particularly if you’re based in London. Well, they have now brought three flavours of “Proper Little Pies” to a Waitrose freezer near you. I love a good pie with a crispy pastry, so I was keen to put them to the test.

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CHECK Meat and Two Veg Challenge

As many of you will know, no doubt as you kiss a furry face, it is Movember this month! For anyone who isn’t aware, for the duration of November, many men (and some women) grow a moustache to raise awareness of men’s health! This can cover mental health, but also prostate and testicular cancers.

This is where HECK Sausages come in. This month, they have renamed themselves CHECK “in order to encourage men to search for lumps on their scrotum and for women to CHECK their partners too!”

CHECK Heck sausages, Movember

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Mexican Lasagne recipe - healthy red meat

Mexican Lasagne Recipe #HealthyRedMeatChallenge

The last three months of maternity leave have been difficult, as I’ve had no income. As such, I’ve had to start really watching what I spend in the supermarket and think of ways to feed our family more cost-effectively, often making meals in bulk! As I’m not sure about feeding Autumn Quorn, or at least not too often, I’ve found myself eating meat more often. We mainly eat chicken, but we do eat beef too sometimes.

Red meat has quite a bad reputation, but it is actually a source of lots of healthy things that our bodies need too. It contains lots of heme iron, which is easy for the body to absorb. It is also a great source of protein, zinc and vitamin B12, as well as selenium and potassium. These are essential to muscles and brain development amongst other things and are all important for both parents and children. With our childrens’ bodies growing all the time and being so active, it’s essential that they get enough of the right vitamins and that they DO eat red meat! I’ve taken part in the BritMums #HealthyRedMeatChallenge to share these benefits with you, as well as to give myself an excuse to get a bit creative in the kitchen.

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Money saving tips for feeding the family

Feeding the family doesn’t have to be expensive or mean eating unhealthily. It can also be quick with the help of a microwave oven! I’ve previously written about some of the ways I like to save money when I’m in the supermarket. However, this time I’m focusing my money saving tips on feeding the family cheaply.

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