My Wedding Day: Finding the dress of my dreams!

Life is SO busy with two children. I recently wrote about my wedding invitations and how this June I was planning on FINALLY writing about all aspects of my wedding. Yep, just like I plan to every year! Yet here we are on the 18th of June and I’ve literally written that one post still. Oops! So here I am, attempting to write about another aspect of my wedding while Reuben sleeps and I try to ignore the pain of mastitis. Today I’m focusing on the dress! Arguably the most exciting part of the wedding. Like most little girls, I used to spent hours daydreaming about what my wedding dress might be like. I’d lay on the floor of my room drawing sweetheart necklines and big skirts, yet the dress I actually chose wasn’t like that at all!

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Creating the perfect wedding invites

Contains paid link/s¦ June is almost upon us and it’ll be my 6th wedding anniversary this year! I love all things wedding related and last year I meant to write several posts related to my big day! However, I’d not long found out I was expecting a baby. With morning sickness and extreme tiredness plus homeschooling, that idea swiftly went out of the window. So let’s try again – and where better to start than wedding invites?

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Why You Should Own a Moissanite Gem

Collaborative Post¦ Diamonds are not the only gemstone to rock the jewel industry. As a matter of fact, moissanite is taking over – thanks to the numerous qualities it possesses. As such, many couples purchase engagement rings and wedding rings made from this jewel. You may be wondering why the sudden interest in moissanite gemstones. For one, they are cheaper alternatives to diamonds. Additionally, they offer value for money.

So, instead of emptying your life savings for a 1.5-carat GIA-certified diamond, you could purchase a moissanite equivalent for as low as $300. There is more to discover about this precious stone. Let’s kindly begin our adventure.

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Romantic Ideas For Couples Who Don’t Want A Public Engagement

Collaborative Post¦ The pandemic has completely transformed our approach to life milestones. In a world where it’s now okay to invite guests to your wedding on Zoom or to have a birthday party online, it’s fair to wonder what the best post-pandemic proposal looks like. 

Most couples in the UK are shy about public proposals. It doesn’t matter how much you love your partner; there’s a slight sense of embarrassment when they kneel in front of you inside a crowded restaurant. 

“Darling, what are you doing? Sit back on your chair! People are watching us.”

With this in mind, it’s safe to say that British couples do not regret the temporary loss of public proposals. However, it’s becoming easier and more acceptable to plan to pop the question at home. Besides, you could make things just as romantic for you and your loved ones with these simple tricks. 

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