Engagement ring – does size matter?

Does the size of the stone in the engagement ring really matter?

As I’ve previously mentioned, when Dave and I got engaged I was 18 and he’d turned 19 the day before. He was in college, only had a Saturday job and most of his money from that went towards petrol and car maintenance in order to get to work and college. As such, he didn’t have much money spare to buy me an engagement ring and had put a lot of the money he received for his birthday the day before towards it. Continue reading “Engagement ring – does size matter?”

How to choose a date for a wedding

How do you choose a date to get married on?
Here’s a guide to put you on the right track!

Congratulations, you’re engaged. Hopefully you’ve got through the “I’m engaged, now what?” phase and are now trying to work out how to pick a date for your wedding.

Hopefully this list of 4¬†things you should consider will help! Continue reading “How to choose a date for a wedding”

Engaged? Congratulations! But now what?

Getting engaged is a big moment in life, but what do you do once it has happened?

Congratulations, you’re engaged! You’ve got a beautiful ring on your finger, a token of love from (hopefully) the man or woman of your dreams. But now what? Here’s my guide to the first steps towards your wedding or civil partnership and a wonderful future together! Continue reading “Engaged? Congratulations! But now what?”