Review: WUKA Flex Adjustable Period Pants

Review (Ad)¦ I bought myself some WUKA period pants just before I fell pregnant with Reuben, so I had to wait over a year and a half to try them. Not that I’m complaining of course. I got a beautiful baby boy and thanks to breastfeeding hormones, my period stayed away for almost 10 months after giving birth. Now, they are a staple of my underwear drawer. At work, I’m often rushing around for hours with long periods of time where going to the loo just isn’t practical. Previously, this left me worried about leaks. Not anymore, though; I know I can trust WUKA! So, when they approached me to put some of their new period pants to the test I was intrigued. Let’s take a look.

The WUKA Flex range is adjustable, allowing you to adjust the size of the waistband. Size 1 covers sizes 6-12 and size 2 covers sizes 14-20. If you’re a 12-14, WUKA recommend going for size 2! The best thing about period knickers is that you can wear them for up to 8 hours at a time. That saves time, mess and hassle on changing pads or tampons. In that time, a medium pair can save you the equivalent of 2-3 sanitary towels! Plus, there are no toxins or yucky chemicals. While being super absorbent, with the gusset rising high at the front and back to avoid leaks, they’re also made with super soft and breathable responsibly sourced BCI cotton.

WUKA Flex ‘Strap’

Okay, WHY has nobody done this before?! Nobody likes the idea of getting half undressed in a public toilet, let alone a portaloo! Unlike my period being due over the Download Festival weekend, the arrival of these just beforehand was perfect timing! Simply undo the clasps to take them off and then you can swap them over for another pair. I KNOW. WUKA are absolute heroes!

These are honestly just so perfect for festivals, travelling or any days out over the summer! The fact that this and the other pair I’m going to show you covered my entire day at Download was just brilliant. I didn’t have to think about my period protection for hours and was way better than having to worry about pads, tampons or a cup in a grubby portaloo.

I’d definitely invest in some more of this design for festivals in the future to make life even easier though. As they can be changed over sitting, standing or laying down, they would also be great for people with mobility issues or disabilities.

This design retails at £15.99!

WUKA Flex ‘Logo’

I love the design with the logo on the side of these ones. WUKA have managed to make period pants look as stylish as they are functional!

Let’s talk more about the adjustability (which applies to the ‘Strap’ pair too, by the way). It’s as simple to adjust as bra straps, if not, more so as you can actually properly see what you’re doing!

This is great for growing teenage girls, if you fluctuate a lot in size or if you’re losing weight and don’t want to keep having to fork out on new pairs of period pants. This is also very handy if, like me, you end up bloating loads before and during your period!

Get yours in medium flow protection for £17.99.

WUKA have absolutely nailed it again. I love wearing their period pants as they’re so comfy and I don’t have to worry about my period. I have the freedom to just Wake Up, Kick Ass!

The WUKA Flex Collection is out now. Take a look at WUKA’s instagram!

Disclosure: I received a pair of each of the aforementioned WUKA period pants and remuneration for this review. As always, all views and opinions are honest and my own.