5 Recruiting Tips to Find the Perfect Candidate


Collaborative Post¦ Recruitment is the bane of any business owner’s life. It can take weeks or months to find the perfect candidate, and the minute they come onboard another employee hands in their resignation. You have to start the whole stressful process all over again.

Posting job ads, sifting through applications and interviewing prospective candidates takes up a huge amount of time. And when you’re in charge of an entire organization, your time is incredibly precious. You’d no doubt rather be chasing up new business and increasing your profits, not reading a list of identical CVs. But you can’t always afford the luxury of a dedicated hiring manager, or a recruitment company who can do everything for you.

To help you eliminate some of the stress of recruitment, here are five tips for finding the perfect candidate. 

Write better job ads

The most common way to recruit for a role is to post a job advert online. This should consist of a few paragraphs outlining the responsibilities of the role and the necessary skills and experience to fulfill it. It is the first impression a potential candidate will have of your company, so it is remarkable that so many employers put so little time or effort into it. You need to take the time to craft a captivating advert that makes your company seem like an attractive prospect. It also needs to have all the information an applicant would need in order to make their decision, including salary, location, and duties. 

Create an attractive work culture

It is essential that your office has a positive work environment. A place where your staff feel happy, connected, and valued. Promoting an attractive work culture will make people want to come and work for you, and it will also reduce your employee turnover and fewer staff will want to leave. You can achieve this by providing meaningful benefits like flexible working, mental health days, and regular social events.

Simplify the application process

The best candidates will quickly get snapped up by your competitors, so you want to make it as easy as possible for them to send in their application. Most people use their phones to apply for jobs these days, so your application process should be both short, and mobile-friendly. 

Use technology

There are so many different tools and pieces of software you can use for recruitment that will alleviate some of the stress and save you time. Social media and email campaigns are a great way to spread the word about your opening, and you can pick from a variety of excellent programs like Microsoft Solutions for recruitment

Leverage employee referrals

There’s a good chance your existing staff will know other great individuals who work in the same industry. Consider implementing an employee referral program, in which your staff receive compensation in the form of money or other rewards. This will motivate your team to help you fill the role, and the shared effort will take some of the strain away from you.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.