30 things I want to do in my 30s

In January I celebrated my 30th birthday (eek!) Since then, I’ve slowly but surely been adding to a list of things I’d like to do or accomplish in my 30s! Now I’ve got to 30 things, it makes sense to get it published. Although, I might make an exception if I suddenly think of something REALLY good. Putting this out into the world makes me more likely to actually stick to doing these things too. I’ll be updating it each time I achieve something!

Things I’ve done

1. Go to Download Festival

Achieved June 2022 – I went to Download in 2017 and had such an amazing time. I knew that I wanted to go again to celebrate my 30th so my husband booked tickets as my present! I can’t even describe how fantastic it was to be back at Download Festival again. If only I could afford to go every year. Seeing KISS and Iron Maiden were definitely moments I’ll never forget. Especially seeing Reuben rock out to the latter! I was such a proud mum. I could just be myself there and had so much fun soaking up the atmosphere and seeing so many brilliant bands.

Co Op at Download Festival 2022

Things left to do

  • Go to Cadbury’s World
  • Go to the Land Rover Experience in Solihull
  • Pooh Corner & Pooh Sticks Bridge with the children
  • Holiday in North Wales
  • Holiday in the Lake District
  • Holiday in Scotland
  • Holiday in Ireland
  • Holiday in Yorkshire
  • Visit York
  • Holiday in France
  • Take the children to Disneyland
  • Go to The Cheese Bar in London
  • Complete my degree
  • Make cheese
  • Go to a cat cafĂ©
  • Go forest bathing
  • Have afternoon tea or cocktails at Skybar
  • Visit Kew Gardens
  • Watch the sun set on one of my favourite beaches with my family
  • See the Northern Lights
  • See bioluminescent phytoplankton
  • Go wild camping
  • Get into a better sleep routine
  • Learn to crochet
  • Improve my photography skills
  • Overcome my driving anxieties
  • Try snorkelling
  • Wear things that make me feel like ‘me’ more without caring what others think
  • Feed a giraffe
  • Go back to pole classes and master 10 moves

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