3 Father’s Day Gifts for Gamer Dads

Collaborative Post¦ A generation of adults who game have now become fathers, but that doesn’t mean they have to leave their hobby behind. This article is for the dads who love gaming and find peace in escaping the world and diving into the wonders of games.

Even if your dad is not a gamer, gaming Father‘s day gifts can encourage them to discover a whole new world that might become their absolute favourite. 

Not to mention, the gaming industry knows the true potential there is in the Dad generation, so they have made sure to provide necessary attractions and innovations that make gaming convenient for your old man.

If we haven’t been obvious enough, this article is full of Father‘s Day gifts for gamer dads, So let’s take a look! 

1. Minecraft Lap Desk Tray

If your dad likes Minecraft, this is probably one of the best Father’s Day gift ideas for him. This extremely delightful lap desk tray is going to come very handily to your gamer dad.

With such an elegant design and great quality, your dad can use this gift to work and play games on his laptop for hours without any inconvenience.

Not only will this prevent the laptop from heating up a lot but also enhance the gaming experience for your dad. 

2. A Personalised Controller 

There is a different sense of attachment that a gamer feels to its controller. Keeping this attachment in mind, there are various premium ranges of controllers that the gaming industry offers. All you have to do is understand the nature of your father’s preferences and choose the right controller for him. 

Chances are he already has a controller that is his absolute favourite, but maybe this upgraded, premium version of his likeable controller is all he needs to make his day happier.

We suggest you look into scuf gaming controllers – they offer a significant improvement from the normal Xbox One and PlayStation four gamepads. 

3. A VR Gaming Experience

Gone are the days when the only way you could game was in front of a TV screen. 

The evolving technology and advancement in the digital world have enabled people to experience something extraordinary; an immersive VR gaming experience is the most unique Father‘s Day gift you can consider giving your old man.

It is a completely new world created digitally to give you a virtual reality experience that feels unbelievably real. Along with giving you the taste of VR, there are categories and different experiences that can enhance the overall gaming experience. 

We are talking about the Escape rooms, VR arcade games and the unbeatable zero latency that has taken over the gaming industry in no time.

All in all, it is a unique Father’s Day gift, so you should definitely consider giving a VR experience to him.

4. External Drive to Store More Games 

In the gaming world, there is no person that can be fully satisfied with the amount of digital storage he / she has. Also considering that hit games like far cry and call of duty can use up to 100GB of space on the original console or PC, gifting your dad an external drive means you are gifting him more space to store new games and upgrades.

The PlayStation four and Xbox one are both eligible to use external storage; they have a dedicated space for a USB connection. Buying a one TB USB for your gamer dad will double the amount of storage space that he has, so it makes sense to gift him an external storage drive.

We recommend SanDisk, as it is the most trusted and experienced hard drive making company. While there are cheaper options available on the market, we suggest you buy a trusted brand for an uninterrupted gaming session for your father.

Summing Up…

The gamers around can confirm this – there is nothing quite like a competitive video game that can instantly make you switch worlds and enter life away from stress.

This Father’s Day, in order to make your old man’s day memorable, choose what he likes to do the most for the celebration. 

While the above-mentioned suggestions are perfect for a game or a dad, make sure to add those classic gifts and Father’s Day cards that complete the celebration. Spoil him with sugary treats and love overdose, to make sure he remembers this Father’s Day for the rest of his life.

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