Learning in a Car: Education on the Road

Collaborative Post¦ Long rides can be so exhausting both for you and your babies. But, there’s no real reason why your trips with children can’t be fun, and most importantly, educational.

Kids would love to be entertained, and we are sure that you will be pleased to fill their heads with new bits of knowledge. So let’s not waste the hours on road trips and learn how you can spend some quality time while you’re in a car.


20 Questions

So, to prevent your kids from watching Netflix for the whole ride and do something actually good for them, you can start with the classic “20 questions” game.

As we learned from the feedback on numerous blogs for moms, the “20 questions” game is a great way to occupy your kids for a long time, and you can participate in it even if you’re the one who’s driving.

How to play: you think about a person, phenomenon, place, or object, and everyone else needs to ask you a question. You are only allowed to answer “yes” or “no.” Everyone has twenty guesses, and if they don’t guess, you win.

Alphabet Category Game

One of our favorite car games from childhood. It forces you to think, and it is very fun

How to play: pick a category (animals, flowers, restaurants, home goods, etc.) and start naming things from this category in turns. Who can’t tell a thing on their turn loses.

Map game

We really value online education, and your kid’s time on the best tablet for kids can be dedicated to using online educational programs. For example, they can play map games. It is a game where you need to name the states or countries correctly.

It is more of a game for teens, but it can be very entertaining even for a smaller child.

How to play: download any educational kids apps that have this kind of geography quiz. For example, it can be State the states.


Back-seat bingo

Are you ready for some more car games? Now we move to back-seat bingo, a fun game that can help you to teach kids about plants, objects, buildings, and animals on the road.

How to play: create simple bingo cards with various things you will definitely meet on the way, and give them to kids. When a kid spots all the things, they scream “Bingo!” and win.

Educational videos

Sometimes kids don’t mind learning something, but they need more “me” time and not group activities on the road. In this case, you can record a couple of videos and upload them on the best kids tablet you obviously have. After watching, you can ask kids to tell you about the video and what they learned from it.

How to play: capture free educational videos with your screen recording software and show the records to your kids on the road. You can absolutely use it if you do it only for non-commercial educational purposes and with your own kids.

Trivia Questions

There are many learning apps for kids on the internet. They offer easy but fun trivia to play with your children. You can upload it on your phone or tablet and play with your bunch on the way. It is not possible if you are a driver, so in this case, give the right to be a host to the oldest kid and be a participant yourself.

But if you can’t focus on the road properly, just be a cheering audience if you are distracted with trivia questions. Kids’ safety is always the first priority.

How to play: just upload trivia and quiz apps on your gadget to play in your car. Check offline options in case you will be in the middle of nowhere without an internet connection. Also, we suggest you install at least five different apps to choose from them later. It can happen that your kids are not in the mood for plant trivia, so you can easily switch to history one, for example.

Counting game

Pick an animal, an object, a bird, or any other thing you may meet multiple times on the road and offer your kids count them to get points and exchange them for small gifts when you come to your destination.

This gift can be picking their food in a restaurant, having a dessert on a non-dessert day, etc.

How to play: count the objects you chose, and keep score to determine who will be a winner in the end. Also, give double points to the one who sees the chosen object first.


Spending time with your family is priceless. You and your little ones can become even closer if you play these awesome games while on the road.

We are sure that you all will have a smashing time, and your kids will become a little bit smarter if you play the games we pick in this article. Enjoy the ride!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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