6 Personalized Valentine’s Bobbleheads Gifts

Collaborative Post¦ Hurray! Valentine’s Day is about to arrive. So be prepared to tap into your romantic side and buy a gift that impresses your companion on an emotional level.

There’s no surprise that they deserve more than just “The Best Valentine’s Day Gift” this year. You can’t stick to a classic culture of a box full of heart-shaped chocolates or beautiful bouquet delivery to your girlfriend or wife.

You need something unique, memorable and artistic that draws a big WOW at a glance. And better than a bobblehead, nothing can make it happen.

Because we aren’t talking about those cute dolls with rotating large heads, but introducing you to their specialties – the amazing handmade custom bobbleheadsthat make these dolls more personalized. These adorable dolls mimic the face and overall body of the person you want to be featured as a bobblehead.

You can get these dolls customized as per your personal taste; that’s why they are emerging as the best Valentine’s Day gift. So, to guide on some of the best-personalized suggestions for Bobbleheads, we have rounded up some incredible options below. Let’s take a look.

1.      Wedding Couple Bobbleheads

Whether you want to impress your wife this Valentine or you are searching for a beautiful way to impress your girl, to support you in proposing to her for a wedding this Valentine, a wedding couple bobbleheads featuring you and her is undoubtedly an excellent thing. Investing in this toy-like item has emerged as a new trend in weddings, and you should also consider it.

2.      Profession-Inspired Bobbleheads

Profession-inspired bobbleheads can never go wrong with your choice of gift for this Valentine. These bobbleheads carry the reflection of your partner’s profession. Whether they are musicians, cooking lovers, dancers, or sports personalities, even though you both come from a similar domain, nothing can be too great than a profession-inspired bobblehead to give a memorable tribute to this relation. And since your own face will be carved on these dolls, they become more personalized.

3.      A Habit Describing Bobblehead

Any good or bad habit of your bae that always takes you and sometimes becomes a reason for a conversation between you and them can be a great thing to look for you in the bobbleheads. These cute mini-figures mimicking your partner’s habit in a cartoony style can become the best valentine gift for your loved one, and you are still ignoring them. Is your bae a food lover, music lover, or do they share a strong connection with books? Visualize their habit in Bobbleheads and see how excellent the idea is.

4.      Family Bobbleheads

That’s great if you are already married and have a cute kid or a pet in your small family because you have lots of things to expect from bobbleheads gift items. You can include any family member in the bobbleheads dolls, and the ultimate thing will never disappoint you. Be it a family sitting on the sofa, having a fun time, or doing something memorable; these bobbleheads can describe each family moment of yours on a single frame.

5.      Thanks Giving Bobbleheads

In the list of Valentines Day bobbleheads, the “thanksgiving” category has a remarkable significance. And it’s no surprise that it is something you should look for in your Bobblehead gift this Valentine. If you love them a lot because they had helped a lot at numerous points of life, supported you in the most pressing time, and backed you up when no one was available to assist you and guide you, “Thanksgiving bobbleheads” are the best way to go.

6.      Cartoony Bobbleheads

If you seek a funny or a quaint twist in your Valentine’s gift, Cartoony Bobbleheads are undoubtedly the best thing to look for in your Valentine’s gift. Those large heads are undoubtedly a great thing to get impressed from and make Valentine’s day special. But this masterpiece brings you more than just a mere expectation. Such as you can transform your girl into a superwoman or give a cartoony touch to her figure, so she looks the way you want to see her.

Are you still here? Come on! Valentine’s Day will not be waiting for you in the queue. So make it special, else disappoint your companion. Buy the best bobblehead and get most of your expectations from this Valentine.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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