Wedding Planning: 10 Things You Won’t Want to Forget

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Collaborative Post¦ Planning your wedding is one of the most exciting times in your life but you will feel the pressure to get it right.

While you will never forget the wedding dress or the perfect rings, it is far easier to overlook several other issues. Here are 10 of the most likely candidates, along with what can be done to ensure that your wedding plans cover every aspect.

1| The Weather

Planning a summer wedding will be vastly different to a winter wedding. Everything from the venue to the flowers will be influenced by the season. Regardless of the month, though, you cannot guarantee what the weather will be like. Having some ideas in reserve is vital. Marquees are an ideal option for warmer weather. Not least because they provide shade.

Even if the weather stays as expected, your contingencies will deliver peace of mind. It’s the least you deserve.

2| Outfits Of Main Guests

Colour coordinating your top table guests is a vital part of the wedding planning process. Their outfits should fit in with the theme of the bride(s) and/or groom(s) appearance. Similarly, their looks should suit the theme of the wedding itself. Otherwise, the whole day can start to look a little disjointed, which is the last thing you want or need.

If funds are tight, you can ask the guests to buy their outfits instead of buying you a wedding gift. Perfect.

3| A Customized Wedding Hashtag

Incorporating a personalized wedding hashtag throughout your engagement and your wedding day is something you will not want to forget. Wedding hashtags are a great way to store all the photos and videos from your special day in one place, plus it’s the perfect touch to customize your decor!

4| Lighting

After finding the perfect venue, you will probably spend a lot of time thinking about the decor choices. One issue you may overlook, however, is the lighting. The right lighting can set the perfect mood. Whether you want to celebrate your religious traditions, get people up dancing, or celebrate a theme doesn’t matter. Good lighting will be your best friend.

Without it, the entire look of your wedding party will suffer – as will any photographs that are taken on the big day.

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5| The Vehicles

While the ceremony and reception are your main focal points, you must not forget about the journey. Arriving at the church, mosque, temple, synagogue, or registry office in style is vital. Not only does it make a great impression. It also ensures that your hair, makeup, and outfits stay in good health. Picking the right car and convoy will be vital. Booking early is advised.

Some couples choose a horse and cart instead of a car. Just be sure to take the weather into account.

6| Entertainment For Kids

Most weddings are family affairs where children will be present. Keeping the kids entertained during the afternoon and evening will be crucial. Colouring books and other small items work wonders. You could also designate a space for them to play video games or enjoy activities. As long as you avoid the particularly messy tasks, you won’t go far wrong.

Of course, the kids can also enjoy some of the adult entertainment, such as photo booths and music.

7| Dietary Requirements

The wedding meal is one of the big traditions that can bring your wedding party together. The speeches, the food, and the camaraderie are truly magical. While you will have taken alcohol-free requirements into mind, you may have overlooked dietary needs. Veganism, cultural preferences, and digestive issues should all be respected. In advance.

When sending the wedding invitations, you can include a quick note asking guests to confirm their additional needs. 

8| Seating Plans

When planning your wedding, you always fear what can go wrong. While messing up your vows or first dance are the biggest fears, there is a bigger danger. Fighting relatives. With this in mind, building a dedicated seating plan is crucial. Prevention is the best protection by far. And it can be supported by asking other guests to keep an eye on things.

In the worst case scenario, you can take the tough choice to ban some relatives. Most couples won’t need to go this far, though.

9| Lost Loved Ones

The harsh reality is that not everyone you wish could still be here will be able to attend. At least not physically. But you can make them a part of your day with a memorial table so that they are with you in spirit. Their presence can bring added strength and comfort. Remembering those friends and relatives is truly a magical part of the wedding.

After all, they played a big part in your lives. Even if they can no longer physically be with you.

10| Showing Your Gratitude

As a couple, you will be planning the bulk of your wedding. Nonetheless, you will probably rely on several people to help bring those plans to life. Party favours that include a small sentimental gift are a great way to thank all guests. Still, you may decide to choose something more significant for the best man, bridesmaids, and other main helpers.


Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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