Crafting A Cool Little Gaming Space In Your Home

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Collaborative Post¦ It’s good to have a little escapism from time to time, as many of us enjoy watching movies, television shows, or reading books. But did you know that video games are now the biggest entertainment industry on the planet? It’s quite amazing to see how plucky little video toys have gone from novelties to outright statements of art or depictions of other words in some context.

Furthermore, gaming is no more the sole den of self-confessed nerds who enjoy this particularly ‘geeky’ hobby, but is accessed by people of all genders, ethnicities and walks of life around the world. For this reason, there’s no shame in curating a little gaming space for your retro consoles, or simply if you hope to purchase one of the later console models as part of your home entertainment setup, thanks to their access to streaming services and other utilities.

With that in mind, we hope to discuss how a gaming space can look much different than that it may have been famous for in the past – that is making a light, inviting, airy space, rather than a dingy basement room. With that in mind, consider the following advice:

LED Lighting

It’s cool to set the mood and really feel whisked away to a virtual world. For this reason, a little nerdy lighting can be a great idea. With 12 volt strip LED lights, you can easily integrate colored lighting around the back of a console cabinet, at the back of a desk where you have your gaming computer, or even around your side table or at the top corners of a room. This can provide a beautiful tint to a room, bringing you the mood necessary to get truly lost in a virtual experience, alone or with a family member or friend.

Console Cases

If you have consoles or a computer you use for gaming, it can be a good idea to segment them in their own space. A front-facing display of retro consoles, each with their own segment and hook to hang a controller from can keep your collection tidy and neat, and you can use the back area to run cables to which should help reduce the visual impact of a room. 

A Comfortable Chair

Gaming isn’t enjoyable if you feel that you’re uncomfortable while trying to sit down and indulge. It’s a good idea, then, to make sure that you have a comfortable chair ready. This might mean angling your television so that it works well with the sofa and so you don’t have to crane your neck at too-high wall-mounted installation. Or, it might mean purchasing an ergonomic office chair so that your PC gaming need not feel much less comfortable overall. Little efforts like that can make a tremendous difference regarding how engaged you can become, and of course, a seat that provides comfort for more than one person can help you and a partner game together and bond thanks to that adventure.


With this advice, you’re sure to craft a cool little gaming space in your home.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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