How to Care for a Classic VW Campervan

VW camper van

Collaborative Post¦ In terms of reliable campervans, Volkswagen has always aimed to please. Did you know that Volkswagen has been manufacturing truly stunning touring models since as far back as 1951 with the introduction of the Westfalia Camper? While technology has certainly evolved over the years, you could still be lucky enough to own a classic VW model. It should also be obvious that caring for such a variant is important if you hope to continue enjoying superior levels of pleasure and comfort. In terms of a bit of TLC, the advice found below will work wonders.

The Tyres and Undercarriage

Similar to any vehicle that is prone to travelling long distances, the tyres and undercarriage of a classic VW campervan tend to endure a fair amount of wear and tear. It is therefore a good idea to examine these locations in detail at least twice a year or if you are planning a holiday. Any minor issues can thereafter be corrected before they become more costly concerns.

Engine Issues

Campervan engines are naturally built to last and even classic VW models can normally rack up more than 100,000 miles before a major upgrade is required. However, do not mistake longevity for maintenance-free engineering. There are several symptoms which could indicate that an engine requires servicing. Here are a handful of examples:

  • Visible oil leaks
  • Belts that appear frayed or loose
  • Stains located around hose connections

If you suspect that a problem may be present, make it a point to consult with a trained mechanic before going on holiday.

Choosing the Right Insurance Package

We are all aware that every roadworthy vehicle within the United Kingdom needs to be covered by some form of insurance. While basic liability and third-party theft are arguably the most common, older variants might require more specialised packages. This is why opting for classic campervan insurance could be a wise choice. This site is also an excellent source of objective information if you wish to learn additional campervan tips and tricks. Comparing and contrasting different insurance offers is also the best way to save a great deal of time and money.

Staying Warm and Dry

As this article observes, many classic VW campervans can be quite cold due to relatively outdated heating systems. If you find that this is an issue, experts recommend taking the vehicle to an authorised service specialist. Any problems with your heat can be diagnosed and in many cases, it might be better to upgrade to a more modern configuration. This will ensure that you remain warm and comfortable when visiting even the most inclement of locations.

Volkswagen has been producing quality campervans since 1951 and their reputation remains just as impressive in these modern times. Caring for an older unit might be slightly challenging and yet, there are many simple steps which you can take. As we all know, you simply can’t beat a classic!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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