Cheap Watches: Are They Worth It?

Collaborative Post¦ Watches are a staple accessory that can go with so many different outfits. No matter the occasion or season, you can guarantee that a watch will add something to your outfit. Naturally, if you’ve ever tried buying a watch, you’ll notice that the price differences are vast. There are some watches that fetch over $100,000, and some that can be bought for under $50. The question is, are the cheaper watches worth it? Or, should you look to invest in a higher-quality watch instead? Let’s answer these questions by looking at the main talking points!

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How do you define expensive and cheap?

Firstly, what constitutes a cheap watch? Cheap for one person might be expensive for another, it’s hard to decide where to draw the line. If you look at WatchBox here, you’ll see a whole host of differently priced watches. Some are over $100k, but you have others that are below $10k. Comparatively, the $10k watches are cheap, no? Still, in the grand scheme of things, this is definitely considered an expensive watch. I think most people will agree that anything over $1,000 is expensive, possibly even slightly under it. Cheap watches are generally ones that are below $100. 

The build quality

The biggest difference between expensive and cheap watches is the build quality. A lot of the top watch brands out there will engineer each watch by hand. This ensures that the highest quality is maintained at all times, delivering a watch that works perfectly for decades. With cheap watches, they’re mass-produced in factories. Therefore, the build quality is so much lower, usually meaning they don’t last as long. The materials used inside the watch are of a lower quality, so they lack the same durability as well. Effectively, one expensive watch can last as long as multiple cheap watches. So, it’s seen as more of an investment than anything else. 

Paying for branding

On the other hand, expensive watches do seem to be extremely overpriced. For instance, how can some watches cost more than a brand new car? While bespoke engineering is a big part of it, most of the pricing comes down to the brand. You pay to wear a specific brand on your wrist and have the status that comes with it. Cheap watches don’t put as much emphasis on branding – they’re more to do with functionality. So, it becomes a question of what you want to get out of your watch. If you’re using it as a simple accessory or to tell the time, perhaps a cheap one is better for you. If you want your watch to signify something and make you look professional or successful, an expensive one is the better way to go. 

Ultimately, it boils down to each individual and your circumstances. Think about the reasons for getting a watch, and it will help you figure out which route to take. Overall, are cheap watches worth it? It depends on the individual, but most of the time they are. Just be aware that you are buying a cheap watch, so don’t expect it to act as an expensive one!


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