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Collaborative post¦ Unfortunately, problems with ears and hearing run on both mine and my husband’s sides of the families. I had terrible ear infections as a child, which resulted in some hearing loss and me having grommets when I was 5. As a result of my experiences, I know only too well the importance of taking good care of your ears. Fortunately, there are companies such as Auris Ear Care in London who can help you to look after your ears safely. 

What is ear wax for?

Ear wax is made up of dead skin cells, hair and secretions from the glands of the outer ear canal. Sounds lovely, right? However, it is vital for protecting the skin of your ear canal and helping your ears to self clean. It also helps to protect against bacteria, fungi and water.

What happens if I have too much?

An excessive amount of ear wax can be painful and cause hearing loss and tinnitus. It can also cause dizziness. It isn’t safe to use cotton buds in your ears. Meanwhile, hopi candles, popular in recent years, have not been clinically proven to help.

Hearing aids can commonly cause impacted wax, which is incredibly unhelpful if you already have hearing problems.

Where should I go with this problem?

NHS treatment is available, but there are hoops to jump through and it can take a very long time to get an appointment. However, Auris Ear Care are London’s only 24 hour mobile ear wax removal clinic and it is often possible to get an appointment on the same day. Affiliated with the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS), they have over a decade of experience and can treat both adults and children.

How is excessive ear wax removed?

Auris Ear Care remove wax from your ears using microsuction. Using their best in class equipment, they vacuum out the wax. This only takes around 20 minutes and doesn’t hurt. According to Auris Ear Care, “the most you should feel is a gentle pulling sensation as your ear is being cleaned”.

Ear wax removal microsuction

How much does it cost?

A consultation costs £70. However, this is waived if a procedure is performed.

Ear wax removal (microsuction) is £100.

Removal of a foreign body is £150.

These prices are for both ears if you are seen at home.

Booking an appointment

You can find out more information and book an appointment. Requests are responded to within 2 hours when they are open and you may be able to book an appointment for the same day, subject to availability.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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