Checks To Perform Before Buying A Used Car



Buying a used car is a big decision for anyone to make and this is why you should always take your time making the choice which best suits you. If you want a car which is reliable and which will safely carry you around, there are a few essential checks that you should do when you go to view it. Here are some of the things you should check before buying a used car.


1. Tyres


Whether you are buying a Ford Focus or a Used Porsche 4×4, it is important for you to check the tyres and make sure that they are well inflated and that the tread is at the right level. To check the pressure you can kick the tyres and see if they are hard and bouncy, and for the tread you will want to kneel down and take a closer look. They need to be at least 1.6mm so ideally they should be well above this so that you don’t have to worry about replacing the tyres too soon.

2. Dents and Scratches


Take a moment to walk around the car and check the bodywork for any dents and scratches. You will want to pay particular attention to the bumpers, the alloys on your wheels and the wing mirrors. If the car only has a few small scratches this can be easy to deal with, but if it is covered in dents it might not be worth the money you’ll spend repairing it.

3. Electrics


When checking the car as a whole you will want to take some time to check the electrics and make sure that everything is working and connected as it should be. This can include looking at the lights inside and outside the car as well as any display you have as well as the steering wheel. If there are any lose connection this will take money to repair.

4. Fluid Levels


When you go to view a used car it is important to think about how well the car has been looked after through the years. For example one of the things

You will want to do is check the fluid levels in the car to see if they have been regularly tipped up. You will want an indication that the car is well maintained because it is more likely to be safe on the road as a result.

5. Glass


As you check around the car make sure to closely look at all of the glass panes to ensure they are safe. Are there any cracks of chips in the glass? These can be a huge hazard when driving because some loose rock or a bump can cause the window to smash. Make sure that this doesn’t happen and be sure that you are happy to pay for the repairs if you do want the car. Autoglass can be pretty cheap to use and they will come to your house for you so this could be a viable option, just make sure to haggle on the car price!

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