8 Smart Additions and Fun Gadgets For Your Car

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Collaborative Post It’s accepted that pretty much everybody needs to get themselves a car or some sort of vehicle nowadays. The amount of responsibilities to take care of, and the number of places we need to be means that the investment in one is essential. If you’ve always been into cars and bikes, then it’s probably a non-issue for you as this is what you love and this is your bread and butter – it’s not too much to worry about.

As we’re all car owners, we all know that it’s not always a fun time out on the road. Whether you’re single or whether you’ve got a big family with you, things can get a little hairy. Thankfully, with modern technology and smart ergonomics, there are some very cool and super handy things that can be done to make the journey a little smoother – literally and psychologically. If you want, we’ll have a little talk about these particular inventions – we might even throw some leisurely creations in there, too!

Dash Cam

A dash cam is basically how it sounds. It’s a camera that is placed on the car’s dashboard, and its job is to record everything that goes on during a journey and when you’re away from the car, too. As you can probably guess, they’re used for safety, security and insurance purposes. If you’re ever involved in an accident, and you want to find out who was at fault, you can refer to the recorded footage. Also, if ever your car is stolen, you can see the face of the person responsible.

Number Plate

This one isn’t exactly the latest in modern technology, but it’s still a fun little addition that people like to add to their motor. It obviously won’t protect you from anything, and it certainly won’t make you feel safer, but if you’ve always wanted to kit out and customise your car, then it’s something you can get stuck into. When it comes to buying a private number plate, you can find various websites online that can provide the service for you, or you can head to the DVLA. If you’re quite a creative character, this might be right up your street.

Navigation System

Not every car and every person has this yet, but they’re becoming more and more popular as the years go by. If you’re taking a quick trip to the shops, then you’re not going to need it, but if you’re planning a long haul, then it’s probably for the best that you get yourself a GPS. If you’re confident in studying a hard copy of a map and following road signs, then good for you – not everyone is, though. It can make you feel much better when heading into unknown territory as that perilous inkling drifts away.

In car GPS
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Roof Hammock

It’s a slightly unorthodox thing to have, but it’s certainly cool! We said earlier that we weren’t going to have serious and hard-hitting pieces of equipment throughout this article, and we’re sticking to it! Have you been on a big trip and you fancy a little rest at a place with a beautiful view? Then why not take a break and throw the hammock on top of the car? Look it up – they look amazing.

Inflatable Car Bed

Again, if you’ve been driving for a long old while and you need a little rest, then you could do much worse than an inflatable car bed. If you think you’re tiredness is going to impede your ability to drive, then you’ll probably need to sleep – you might cause a bad accident. It can also be used if you have a young kid(s) in the back and they need some shut-eye.

Smartphone Apps

With the help of modern technology, we have a bunch of cool apps at our fingertips already – providing you have a smartphone (which you probably do). Developers have made things like GPS systems, speedometers and instant information like the price of petrol. All you have to do is download this stuff, and it’s right there in front of you.

Blind Spot Detector

You’ve definitely missed your blind spot before – everyone has. Human error will make show its ugly face way more than we’d like. This little gadget basically alerts us when a vehicle has entered the spot between the rear-view mirror and the wing mirror. It’s a good thing to have if you’re a motorway driver or are slightly lacking in confidence on the road.

Seatbelt Cutter

Seatbelts are obviously one of the greatest inventions in history. The amount of lives they save on a daily basis is amazing. But what about those times when a potential disaster is on its way and the seatbelt jams? You don’t want to be stuck, do you? A seatbelt cutter will, as the name suggests, tear the tough material so you and others can escape.

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