How to Get More in Touch with Your British Heritage

Sponsored Britain is a brilliant place to live. We have a long history of bringing cultures together and in our current state, the UK is a beautiful meld of different people and viewpoints. This diversity is part of what makes us who we are and whilst in all societies there are people that take it too far, we should still be proud of who we are.

However, it’s very easy to settle into your daily life and do the same things. Your life and walk around the same city, go to do the same job and generally do the same things day in, day out. This can get monotonous and boring, or make you feel like you have a lack of identity, which is when you really just want to do some classic, British things to get back in touch with your childhood and your heritage.

In this short post, we’re going to look at what you can do to reconnect with the country and experience everything that Britain has to offer.

Explore and Travel

As citizens of Britain, we have a habit of putting not just ourselves down, but our surroundings too. This is especially true for small city-dwellers, who often condemn their place of residence as being boring. The thing is, Britain is a large and varied place, filled with different environments and natural wonders.

Even if you don’t have the means to travel to (or don’t live in) Scotland, Ireland or Wales, England itself has a range of different city spaces that are worth exploring and learning about. Every city has its own chequered history, which is what makes travelling throughout the UK so interesting! Never be afraid to visit museums or local heritage sites to get a true representation of the region.

Remember, the UK has plenty of natural and manmade wonders. Everything from Stonehenge to the Houses of Parliament to the Giant’s Causeway is firmly British. Let’s explore and discover some of the exceptional places our country has been blessed with!

Stonehenge at dusk

Enjoy British Traditions

Around the world, people have this stereotypical view of the British and like most stereotypes, they’re based on truth. Yes, the majority of Brits love afternoon tea and yes, we tend to be polite and courteous and have a great respect for queuing – but that’s what makes us so wonderful!

Enjoying some stereotypically British traditions can really help you feel more in touch with the nation. Fish and chips are an absolute must at least once a month and roast dinners are just as important, with Yorkshire puddings of course.

Even just taking some time out to complain to a friend and laughing about how the British complain a lot can help you stay in touch with your heritage! It’s all about embracing those traditions that we tend to forget about or shun because they’re too ‘stereotypical’.


Watch Classic British TV

Finally, and most importantly, if you really want to get that truly British feeling running through your veins, go online or find an appropriate TV channel and put on some classic British television. The TV produced by Britain is extremely unique because of our very dry, very self-deprecating sense of humour. Almost everything that we produce from a multimedia point of view, aside from BBC Dramas, features some kind of comic relief which only the British would find funny – and that’s what makes it so great.

There are countless British sitcoms and television shows that fit into all sorts of different genres, from science-fiction comedies like Red Dwarf through to iconic, London-based show Only Fools On Horses, you’ll have plenty to watch if you want to enjoy them all. One of the best things about this hobby is that it’s suitable for the whole family, too.

With any luck, this post will have inspired you to go out and do something that you always remembered loving as a child whether it’s make jam and scones, watch Dad’s Army or drive to a farm for a taste of the countryside. Enjoy!

Netflix and TV remote control

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