What new hobby should you take up?

Thinking about trying a new hobby? My advice is to just go for it! A lot of people start a new hobby in January thanks to New Year’s Resolutions. However, they often get dropped after a couple of weeks. Cold weather and dark nights don’t exactly help us to stick to things! As the nights are drawing out and there’s less pressure, now is the perfect time to try something new or pick up something that you left off. Hopefully this blog post will help to inspire you!

Why start a hobby?

People often ask in conversation “What are your hobbies?” Of course, things such as drinking coffee, binge watching Netflix and spending an unhealthy amount of time on social media don’t count! I always used to feel kind of boring saying that I didn’t have any hobbies. If you have something to say, it can be a good ice breaker and lead to interesting conversations you might not have otherwise.

That aside, it’s a great way to give yourself some “me time”. Modern life is so busy, but it can be so rewarding and confidence boosting to just set a little time aside each week to do something for yourself. It feels great to have fun and learn new skills.

My hobby

John Lewis Sewing machine and sewing box

I bought a sewing machine with my birthday money in the January sales. It was something I’d been thinking about for a good couple of years, but I finally decided to just go for it! Struggling to put large enough chunks of time aside to learn the basics, I went to a beginner’s course locally. There I learned how to set up my machine, did some basic stitching and seams and made a cushion!


I was so inspired that that evening I went to buy some jersey fabric and made my daughter some leggings. They were a great fit and even stood up to the test of an active 2 year old wearing them. I was so proud when family said they couldn’t believe I’d made them. Hopefully with practice I’ll become good enough to make other items of clothing for her, as well as myself! I find it incredibly difficult to find clothes that fit me well as I’m small, so it would be quite life changing to have clothes that are tailored to me.

Hobby inspo

I’ve been speaking to others in the blogging community and seeing what hobbies they’ve begun or restarted year. There was quite a variety of things; some I’d never even thought of!

Crafts & Creativity

Sophie at Life As Mrs D says “I’ve restarted an old hobby. I’ve started cross-stitching again. I’ve felt quite over-whelmed so far this year, with a lot of life stresses getting to me, and sitting down in an evening to do a cross-stitch really takes my mind off everything and helps calm me down.”

The Money Whisperer, Emma, has also taken up something she used to do again. “My daughters are both very crafty and I found out my old calligraphy pens for them to try. I showed them how to copy the letters in a book I kept from when I was younger and now I have the bug again!”


The crafting theme continued with Emma at Farmer’s Wife and Money, who said “My goal is to learn new things so I have just been to my first beginners crochet class. I feel better already!”

Meanwhile, Emily at Confessions of a Slummy Mummy has just started weaving. “Random, I know, but I adore wall hangings and how they can tie a room together so, rather than buy another (I already have three)I decided I’d see if I could make some myself”.

Continuing on a creative streak, Sophie at Mama Mei has been face painting. Incidentally, this is something I’ve also been toying with the idea of trying over the past few years! She says “I did a course a year ago and bought ALL the products but didn’t really do anything with it. But now my daughters like to play with paint and make up, I have decided to start doing face painting with them but just for fun (and for vlogs on their youtube channel!). As my work and life is all blurred with blogging, vlogging and journalism already, so I don’t fancy being a professional face painter. I am practicing mermaids and unicorns at the moment for their birthdays :)”

Little girl with face paint

Reading and Writing

Writing and reading have been high on my list of things to do more over the past couple of years. I really enjoy reading, but I’ve never actually thought about doing it socially. Naomi at Trips with a Tot tells me “I started a book club in the autumn last year but it was something I wanted to do in 2019- I just got to it earlier! it’s so much fun and a great excuse for meeting up with other parents”.

Brick slip feature wall

Meanwhile, Eileen at at Your Money Sorted has started journalling in the evenings – and it sounds fantastic! “I have just started journaling each night, and am absolutely loving it. It’s helping me to finish the day positively and with gratitude, while also getting me organised for the following day. It’s a game changer”.

Fun Outdoors

I hate spending too much time cooped up inside and am trying to spend more time outdoors. I’s a great way to encourage yourself away from the sofa!

Kate at LesBeMums has done just that. She says “Gardening! We got someone in to do some bits at the tail end of last year, but this year we’re doing it ourselves. It’s therapeutic and good exercise!”

Spring flowers in the garden at Hever Castle

Speaking of good exercise, Alice at Living With a Jude says “Lacrosse! I played it at school and loved the sport so much. My resolution is to join the local team and rekindle that love”.

Indoor Activities

If you’re more of an inside person, that’s fine too. One of the best things about hobbies is that they provide you with the time and mental space to unwind, as Susan at Edinburgh Mummy has found. She says “I’m setting aside time for jigsaws, I know how sad that is to some folk but they really calm me down and help me de-stress”. 

Similarly, Lauren at Scrapbook Blog says “Puzzles! It’s actually a really good way to switch off and not look at your phone/the TV plus my husband enjoys it too so we’re doing it together!”

Last, but not least, Becky at Eat Simply has been spending more time in the kitchen: “I am learning to cook Asian vegan food. My hubby’s favourite kind of food and great fodder for my food blog”.

It sounds delicious!

So, have you started a new hobby yet this year? If not, are you feeling inspired now?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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