Makeup beginner? Read this first!

Do you ever see celebrities on TV or people featuring in videos online with utterly flawless makeup and wish you had some sort of clue as to how to recreate it? When I was younger, a full face of makeup was basically a thick foundation – usually a shade too dark for my skin – some shiny lip gloss that came free with a magazine and a several coats of my favourite mascara – you can find Vogue cover mascara here – not forgetting some heavy eyeliner and some body glitter. Don’t judge.

Makeup has come so far since the thinly pencilled eyebrows and glittery eyeshadow days of youth, so if you’re a self-confessed make-up beginner, then don’t worry. Here you’ll find the basics of how to create a flawless foundation look.

Remember to choose products that are suited to your skin type.

The journey to flawless foundation begins way before you pump your bottle onto your beauty blender or brush:

  • First things first you need to wash your face. There’s no point even attempting a beautiful flawless finish if you haven’t done this step. So, choose a cleanser that’s just right for your skin, whether that’s dry and sensitive, oily or combination. Get into the habit of cleansing your face in the morning and in the evening – to remove your beautiful makeup.


  • Applying a toner over your face helps to tighten your skin, which will give a smoother base to work on. If you have any blemishes that you’re using a spot treatment for, then now is the time to treat.
  • There’s nothing worse than flaky skin breaking up your foundation. So make sure you moisturise as often as you can to help you skin retain it’s moisture. It’s recommended that you moisturise quickly after a bath or shower, so your skin will absorb the moisturiser easier. Moisturising also helps create a smooth surface for your foundation.
  • Prime: Next, you need to add some primer. Primer helps to reduce the appearance of your pores and sort of acts like a barrier between your skin and the makeup. Which means, less clogged pores! It also gives your foundation something to sit on, otherwise it’ll just slide off your face!
  • Now, the foundation. Some prefer a beauty blender, others a traditional foundation brush. Just remember to apply a little at a time until you get your preferable coverage. A good foundation should compliment your skin tone and help to even it out. Hide redness and help your skin to look flawless.

  • Concealer is used to brighten darker areas of your skin and to hide blemishes. So that means under your eyes and even around the nose area. If you have spots then apply a little. Concealer should be a shade lighter than your natural skin colour, in order for your darker areas to really lighten.
  • Makeup moves around during the day. So applying a little setting spray or powder will help keep it in place.
  • Blush: Use a shade that compliments your skin tone and apply lightly at first. You don’t want to over do it!

Blush makeup

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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