How to choose feature walls

You may be wondering whether feature walls are out. However, they are still in style – and this looks set to continue for 2019! Known as an accent wall across the Atlantic, this term described a wall painted with a different colour than the others to draw the eye. Wallpaper can also be used instead of paint. People often opt for this wall to be patterned or a more vibrant colour. So, what should you go for and which wall should you choose?

Choosing which wall

Look around your room and see which wall your gut instinct tells you to go for. Consider what is on each wall. For instance, one wall in my living room has a door, a cupboard door and a TV on it. This wall would not lend itself well to being a feature wall as it is already very busy. Meanwhile, the adjacent wall has a window on it that takes up the majority of the wall on that side of the room. For my feature wall, I chose the long wall behind the sofa that has nothing happening on it except lights.

Of course, that’s not to say that you have to leave the wall plain. Feature walls look great with photos and art on them! Whilst it wouldn’t work in my house, feature walls can look great with a TV on them. Just look at how great this feature wall looks in the niche behind the television:

Contemporary living room with accent wall niche

How to feature the wall

How you decide to do your feature wall is dependent on your personal taste. There are a number of routes you can take:

Brick Slips

A brick wall as a feature wall looks rustic and will go with pretty much any colour on the other walls! Whether you go neutral or edgy with it is up to you. Various colours of bricks are available. Brick slips are lightweight and easy to install to get this look.

Brick slip feature wall

Bold Colour

Having a bold colour on every wall in the room could be ‘too much’. As such, a feature wall is a nice way to inject a bit of colour or drama if you’re opting for a dark colour. I’ve recently opted for a sunny ochre wall in our living room to brighten the room up this winter.

Ochre feature wall

Patterned Wallpaper

Again, patterned wallpaper wouldn’t look good if it was on every wall in a room. However, it looks great used as a feature wall! Whether it’s florals, swirls, animals, or leaves, the sky is the limit as there are so many fantastic designs. You can keep it neutral on the other walls, or pick out one of the shades from the wallpaper you’ve chosen.

Leaf print feature wall

Tape Design

For a feature wall, you can unleash your creative side, making unique designs with the help of painter’s tape. I’ve seen some lovely walls with things such as mountain graphics and rainbows painted on them.

Art feature wall

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with UK Feature Walls for which I received compensation. As always, all views and opinions are honest and my own.

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