Latest Trends in Kitchen Remodelling

Could your kitchen use an upgrade, but you’re worried it won’t match your hectic family life? It may not seem like it, but it’s totally possible to have a stylish kitchen in a busy family home.

Here, we’ll look at some of the latest trends in kitchen design, perfect for the modern family home.

Vibrant, bold colour schemes

This year, it’s all about bold, vibrant colour schemes which is great news for hectic family homes! The bold vibrant colours will perfectly hide sticky finger marks and spills, while also looking ultra-stylish.

While you could paint the walls a vibrant colour, if you want to truly stick to the trend, you’ll want to focus on the worktops and cabinets. Giving them a bold, vibrant makeover will make a huge difference to the way the kitchen looks, yet it will cost very little to do it. You could also add vibrant window coverings to complete the look.

Kitchen toy storage under kickboard

Smart kitchens

If you do have a larger budget, you might want to go all out and invest in a smart kitchen. Fitting in with today’s technological world, smart kitchens utilise technology not just in the appliances found within the space but incorporated into every function within it.

Smart kitchens can actually make running a family home a lot easier. You can invest in refrigerators which tell you when specific grocery items are running low, clever lighting which operates with a clap of the hands, and coffee makers which can be set to automatically brew in the morning ready for when you get up. It’s an expensive trend but if you can afford it, you’ll soon fall in love with a smart kitchen design.

Kitchen islands

If you don’t currently have one, you’ll want to invest in a kitchen island. They’re becoming extremely popular not just because they add a sense of style to the kitchen, but because they add functionality too. They give you a lot of additional space which can either be used to prepare food, or to use as a breakfast area. Once you’ve got your kitchen island, you’ll want to invest in stylish stools to complement it.


Adopt an eco-friendly design

A lot of focus is being given to eco-friendly trends this year. What better way to teach your kids about being eco-friendlier than to install some eco-friendly upgrades into the kitchen? Investing in recycling bins and potentially even an indoor composter, will help your kids to start thinking about being more environmentally friendly.

These are just some of the best family-friendly trends you’ll want to focus on when remodelling the kitchen. There’s something above to suit all budgets too. Just because you run a hectic family home, doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish!

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