Where to store all your toddler’s stuff

Where to store all your toddler’s stuff

Toddlers have reached an important milestone. They’re more mobile, and this gives them a huge confidence boost and an increased sense of adventure. It’s the time when parents might start thinking about better furnishings and storage, including moving your own breakables out of their reach.

Here are some ideas on how to arrange living rooms and bedrooms so you encourage your toddler to explore independently, but also keep them safe and happy.

Quick Access Toys

While there are some toys your toddler plays with every day, others may lie untouched for weeks. These things you still want to hand, but not necessarily in plain sight. Consider beds with drawers, or place baskets under the bed. For items in daily use, you need safe, easily accessed storage. If you distinguish storage based on how often the item is used, life becomes more organised with quicker tidy-ups.

Toy organisers, with easy-to-reach baskets, are perfect for smaller items that toddlers often reach for. Being low enough that little people can reach them also means you can start early with encouraging them to put away toys they’ve finished with.

Book display units are another great idea. They differ from bookshelves in that the books are displayed with their covers facing forwards, making it easier for toddlers to recognise their favourites.

A third option is a toy basket. They may be safer than boxes for toddlers as there’s no lid to lift, but they hold loads of stuff and offer fun rummage games whether they’re filled with soft toys or dressing up clothes.

Toddler toy box storage

The attractive designs available make it possible to fit all three options into the living room without looking out of place. They’re also ideal for a toddler’s bedroom, helping him or her to identify their own space and enjoy being there at bedtime.

Refreshing Their Interest

Toddler time is when children start taking more notice of the world around them. They understand more about what they’re seeing on TV, and quickly develop passions and interests of their own with favourite toys, games and accessories.

For parents, keeping up can be a tough act. Some of those must-have toys are large and expensive. Like most of us, what’s always available to toddlers is quickly taken for granted, so one space saving solution is to store neglected bigger toys that have fallen out of interest, somewhere else.

Self storage is perfect. From ride-on toys to Wendy houses or pretend kitchens, those space hogging toys can be safely tucked away and stay in pristine condition for a few weeks or months. Bringing them back home will make them seem like new again, and rejuvenate interest from your toddler. In the meantime, you’ll have more space for the items still in daily use.

Boy on scooter

Indoor Hiding Places

Understairs cupboards are often neglected spaces that could be made more useful and organised with a few shelves, storage boxes and a light. Shelves don’t take long to install, but make the most of this hidden storage area. It’s handy for toys and games or for small coats and wellies.

Vertical shelving is another key idea that lets you maximise your floor space, whether you’re trying to keep a tidy living room or organise storage in your toddler’s bedroom. In the bedroom, make sure the shelves are at toddler height so they can reach their favourite things.

Beneath kitchen cabinets is a novel, unexplored place to store all kinds of toddler equipment and games. Providing the areas under your cupboards are clean, sealed and damp free, all you have to do is replace the kickboards with hinged or sliding doors.

It’s an ongoing challenge to arrange storage for toddler stuff, while still keeping them tidy and to hand. What works depends on your family lifestyle and available space. From self storage units to personally styled, individual storage systems at home, there’s a solution to streamline every family situation.

Kitchen toy storage under kickboard

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