Different Jewellery to Suit Every Personality

Have you ever wanted to treat someone special with a piece of jewellery but couldn’t decide on what suited their personality? Not everyone likes a pair of earrings and some people are averse to wearing certain precious metals, whether due to specific allergies or personal preference.

There are many styles of jewellery available from organic materials such as wood and fibres to special metals and semi-rare gems such as gold, platinum, rubies and emeralds to name a few.

Choosing a base is a good place to start, for instance, someone sporty may prefer a less expensive material such as beads or leather while a business-orientated gentleman would relish receiving a high-quality silver watch or gold cufflinks. Knowing these sorts of details about the gift receiver is important for making an informed decision about what style of jewellery to buy.

Some jewellery includes pendants or designs that incorporate personal interests such as footballs, animals, nature, etc, these can be great as gifted items for someone special and makes it easier to choose a piece based on someone’s personal interests.

Picking a Jewellery Piece based on Personality

If you want to gift a piece of jewellery to someone however, aren’t sure of their personal interests but know them well enough to identify a personality trait, consider the following;

Bright & Bubbly

The constantly smiling, happy, summer personality types are likely to enjoy a piece that matches their personality with bright colours, interesting decoration such as beads, pendants or multicolour leathers. On the lower end of the price-range, bracelets made from multiple materials or quirky earrings make a lovely gift while on the higher end, a pair of novelty cufflinks.

Steely & Stoic

Those ladies and gentlemen who say little but have a big heart can be spoilt with a gift that reflects their steely nature, shining silver, gorgeous platinum or durable gunmetal or titanium. Jewellery pieces should be subtle including thin, discreet rings or lightweight chains that can be tucked into a shirt. Simple silver bracelets make for a fitting gift and often there is room to add a short, personalised message to the inner face for a heartfelt touch. Take a look at https://jacobsthejewellers.com/ for some beautiful examples.

Endearing & Well-meaning

If you have someone special in your life that is always offering support, love and kindness to anyone they meet, they will likely politely refuse any largely expensive gift, although of course personal tastes vary. Consider pieces of jewellery that reflect their charming nature such as rose gold, which makes for a beautiful gift and comes in a variety of styles. Rose gold can be an expensive precious metal, often set with diamonds however more cost-effective pieces for stricter budgets are available in solid silver and plated with rose gold.

Artistic & Creative

Know someone always with a pencil behind their ear? Or maybe someone constantly with a bit of paint on their nose from their latest creative endeavours. Creative people are often likely to create their own pieces of jewellery or can be hard to buy for as they have a specific style. Consider a charm bracelet that can be customised with charms as and when the individual pleases.

Well To-Go & Put Together

For the individual that never seems to have one hair out of place and is always up to date on the latest fashion trends will likely enjoy a flashy accessory. Jewellery pieces laid with semi-precious stones in solid prestigious metals such as gold and platinum. Bracelets and necklaces allow for more decoration and stones or studs however there are some beautifully designed earrings available that will also reflect this type of personality.

When it comes to gift giving, jewellery and accessories can be quite a personal item however, with the above guidelines you should find more inspiration when choosing a jewellery piece as a gift. If the event is to celebrate a special occasion or moment in the receiver’s life, why not add a personal greeting or well-wishes via an engraving service? The jeweller you choose to buy from will be able to provide you more options on engraving and gift box options for that finishing

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