Moving house this summer? Try these moving hacks!

They say that moving house is much easier in the summer than the winter. And there has to be some truth to that statement. Move to a new house in the summertime and you won’t be battling high winds, torrential rain or even snow, while you’re carrying boxes to and from your car. So, if you’re moving house why not try these useful tips to make the journey to your new life in your new home a littler easier!

Get the professionals in

Having moved several times in my life, I usually do most of the work myself and get my relatives to help with the heavier items. This is usually cheaper, and you don’t have to worry about strangers moving or touching your items, the awkwardness if something is damaged and you can do it at your own pace – which is usually quite slow.

However, I found that the last time I moved, I felt incessantly guilty about asking my family members to help lug my heavy washing machine and sofa about in the rain! Items got wet and damaged and the whole event was very stressful for everyone. I think that hiring a removal firm is a must. After all, they’re properly trained to do this kind of thing, every day. And they’ll do all the hard work for you, like keeping everything dry! Plus, they will probably complete the move in just one trip, with no tables and chairs tied precariously to the roof of your car either! If something gets damaged, you’ll usually get some sort of compensation too. If you happen to be in Georgia, has great reviews.

Start the packing process early

As early as possible! Packing up your life takes a lot of time. Especially if you’ve lived at your current home for a long time. We collect and acquire things. And you might be surprised to find yourself taking a few trips to the local landfill site before moving day. Moving house is the start of a new chapter, so try and make it as fresh and new as possible.

Don’t forget to pack up on packing materials too. You’re going to need lots of boxes, marker pens, bubble wrap, labels and packing tape!

Box, sharpies and bubble wrap for moving house

Take photos

Got lots of electrical equipment to take with you? When we start to remove the wires and components of computers, TV’s, game consoles and throw in all the chargers we have as well, things can get a little complicated. Before you start to dismantle things, take some photographs of what goes where – it’ll make it easier when you get there.

TV wires

Pack a survival box

When it’s all over and the removal men have pushed in the last box, you’ll be feeling a little overwhelmed and no doubt, exhausted. So, this is when your survival box can come in handy. Get yourself an empty box and fill it with everything you’re going to need to relax and take a break. Mugs, the kettle, teabags, coffee, sugar, sweetener, biscuits and crisps too. Oh – and don’t forget the toilet paper!

Moving house survival box

Good luck in your new home!

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