Travelling Parents – Globetrotting with Children

Travelling Parents – Globetrotting with Children

Hundreds if not thousands of people a year opt to give up their lives and travel around the cities or even the world. But you may be surprised to learn that a lot of these people are parents that take their child along for the ride and whilst many people may question their choices it seems to work for them.

Some people opt to buy a property in a city like London to visit every now and then to give them a definite home between travelling but others opt to travel the world with little to no stable home. However, as already said it works for them and is often suggested to be a far better life for a child than simply staying in one place. But with two very different options what do they offer?

City Lifestyle

Living in the city isn’t ideal for everyone, with the busy streets and the noise it’s often said that raising a child in the city can be very difficult. But what if you were to only live in the city a certain percent of the year and travel around the country for the rest of it? This is what many people are choosing to do and they love it.

Often they will decide to take look at fractional ownership instead of buying a permanent home and then move around from place to place throughout the year. That way they always have a place that they can revisit any time of the year but that won’t be sat empty and unused when away.

Of course, when the children get to the schooling age they then either decide to school them from home whilst on the move or chose to enrol them in a school. But you may be wondering how they can enrol them in a school while constantly on the move and the answer is that they can if they aren’t travelling too far or stay in one place during the week and travel during the weekends. This may seem a lot but many people that have this way of living see it as a constant adventure.

Travelling the World

However, some people don’t want to stay in the UK and with the constant weather changes who can blame them? They instead decide to travel the world as a family and learn all about new places and cultures as they go. This, again, may sound like a busy life but with visiting so many different places you are guaranteed to have fun.

These people will avoid staying in one place too long as they may either become unsettled or feel that they have learned all they can from the area before moving on to the next. They won’t look to buy a permanent residence but they may have a place that they can always return to whether it’s a home that they rent out or even just a town that they used to live in.

Again with children, the question can arise as to what happens to their education but many parents that live this lifestyle will home-school children as they travel. Some say that with this way of learning children can learn more about the different cultures and places that they would if they were sat in a classroom.

Child looking at map through a magnifying glass

Pros and Cons of Traveling with Children

But whilst there is a huge rise in travelling families, not everyone sees this lifestyle as an option for them. They often worry about how it will affect their child’s education and how they will make friends along the journey and whilst there are some valid pros there are cons that go alongside them.


  • Traveling gives children the opportunity to see things that they may otherwise never witness
  • Children can learn first-hand about the issues facing various countries and what they can do to help
  • Whilst they may not see them everyday children can make and retain friendships with people along their travels and it gives you a reason to return
  • They may feel more comfortable to learn with parents at home than they would anywhere else
  • Helps to take children away from the digital world and gets them to spend more time outside
  • The city lifestyle may be ideal as they can still understand the language and will become more familiar with the different areas of the country
  • Gives children the opportunity to appreciate what they have and the opportunities that they are given


  • There’s no permanent environment for a child to learn and grow in
  • Young children can become restless in different environments meaning that their attitudes and personalities may change in a negative way
  • Children first and foremost enjoy playing and for those on the road constantly this may be somewhat of an issue as they will become bored and restless
  • They may not like travelling around cities that are too busy as children can often easily become frightened and unnerved
  • It may be harder for children to learn while travelling as there are a lot of distractions
  • They may struggle to understand the different language barriers leaving them to feel excluded from other children in the area

There are various other pros and cons for both city-living and travelling the world but each person will have their own opinion on the matter. Some will see all that it has to offer and others will say that it’s not ideal but it ultimately depends on their lifestyle and the future that they want for their child. But one thing that is certain is that even parents can travel and explore with their children.

Family feet with a beautiful view after a hike

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