Blog 1st anniversary giveaway!

Wow, yesterday marked the first anniversary of my blog! And what an adventure the last year has been. I started writing a blog as a creative outlet and a form of therapy, really. I’ve always been passionate about writing and found it very cathartic. I also like playing around with techy things and like to get creative, so it seemed like a good project for me.

I was in the process of recovering from something of a mental breakdown due to myself being ill after birth and Autumn becoming critically ill a couple of weeks later. A blog was somewhere I could go to distract myself and focus my thoughts on. I planned to eventually tell my story in the hope that it would help people, and I did in the form of two posts: Autumn and the Ovarian Cyst and When Mummy went crazy with anxiety. The support I had from people after writing those posts and messages from people they’d helped were quite overwhelming!

The blog

Starting this blog was life changing for me. I went from being scared to leave the house or drive, to driving myself to baby groups within weeks. Within a couple of months, I was going further afield and visiting family 7 miles away! Autumn’s Mummy stopped me from being isolated.  I went from waking up each morning feeling scared, to wondering what excitement the day would bring. This was in part due to amazing support from Family Action too, as I wouldn’t have been brave enough to get out driving on my own.

As the year went on, more and more exciting things started happening. I was invited to press launches, sent products to review and got to work with brands and businesses I’d long admired. As well as that, I’ve met so many amazing people. It is all hard work and as fun as it is, it can get stressful when you’re trying to balance the rest of your life and meet deadlines. Unless you blog, I don’t think you realise how much time it takes. There’s no such thing as a freebie, you work for it; spending hours writing about it, photographing, editing and working on SEO (search engine optimisation) for your blog post. However, it has been truly amazing despite my occasional stressy moments! It has helped to bring me out of my shell and I’ve done things I never thought I’d do!

To celebrate our first birthday in this little corner of the internet, I wanted to put together a little giveaway for my readers!

The giveaway

Firstly, I have some prizes very kindly donated by The Food Nutritionist. These comprise of a lovely kitchen towel and oven gloves which usually retail for £20. If you haven’t already seen it, Jeraldine’s website is amazing! She teaches people about the health benefits of eating ‘real food’ and helps them to become healthier, offering a number of services. Please do check it out.

The Food Nutritionist oven gloves and tea towel

Also to be won are £20.97 worth of bathtime fun goodies from Paladone! These include a light up bath duck, an aqua coconut shy and a soggy moggy bath plug. It’s sure to entertain the children for a while (or you, I won’t judge!)

Paladone bath toys

There are also some goodies I’ve added to the mix! These include some face masks to relax with:

7th Heaven Face Masks

It’s so dull at this time of year, that I thought some fairy lights might brighten things up a bit:

Fairy lights (led)

Nice undies are one of the little luxuries I enjoy. So here’s a £10 Boux Avenue card to treat yourself with:

Boux Avenue Voucher

Last but not least, I’ve added some lovely shea butter body moisturiser by local company, Fenton’s:

Fenton's shea butter body moisturiser

The prizes I’ve added are worth around £20, bringing the total value of these prizes to over £60! I hope whoever wins really enjoys them; good luck everyone!

Blog 1st Birthday giveaway

Autumn’s Mummy 1st Birthday Giveaway


127 thoughts on “Blog 1st anniversary giveaway!”

  1. I love reading the reasons behind people’s adventures into blogging. Starting a blog has had so many positive effects on people and there are so many lovely communities. It’s so lovely of you to host a giveaway and well done for battling your anxieties! #CoolMumsClub

  2. Happy one year anniverary hun! Look how far you’ve come. Here’s to another fab year and what a lovely way of celebrating with the giveaway. Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub lovely xoxo

  3. You have achieved so much in one year. A lovely giveaway – and I have gone all out and got my full 50 entries! MMT for the win!

    Thanks for linking to #coolmumclub

  4. I love the fairy lights as I have lots around our home all year round – I think they brighten up the room, especially at this time of year, when it is still dark and all the Christmas decorations are down !

  5. Well done on your blog milestone.

    My favourite item is the face masks, because they would be a touch of luxury and pampering.

  6. Good luck! I agree, I have to have fairy lights or something to brighten it up at this time of year 🙂

  7. Congratulations on reaching a year and for everything you’ve achieved. As a newbie blogger, it’s really inspiring to hear from people who have trod the same path only recently. I hope this year carries on in the same vein x

  8. Thank you! 🙂 Good luck, I hope you enjoy your blogging journey as much as I’ve enjoyed mine so far! x

  9. Hi Rachel, do you mean instead of Gleam? Or do you mean as one of the primary modes of entry, rather than having to enter via Twitter to get to the other means of entry? I’m a fellow comper so am always keen to hear feedback on my own competitions 🙂

  10. I definitely need that light up duck in my life! Haha. They’re all fab prizes though 🙂 Happy blog-iversary! x

  11. I’d love the boux avenue giftcard to treat myself to something other than large knickers that currently live in my drawer

  12. Happy Blog birthday!
    With 4 children I rarely get a moment to myself. I love the Face masks, would be the perfect excuse to allocate myself some ME time.
    Thank you for running such a wonderful competition. I enjoy reading your blogs. Keep up the Amazing work! ?

  13. My favourite prize has to be the face masks as i use them every week after a nice hot bath relaxing in front of the TV.

  14. Fairy lights and face masks would make for a lovely relaxing evening in!
    Thanks so much.

    And huge congrats on your blogiversary, you’ve come such a long way over the last year+. The internet helps me feel less isolated too, although I mostly just lurk on other people’s blogs and don’t have one of my own!

    All the best for the adventures yet to come x

  15. Firstly thank you so much for the competition.

    I really like the soggy moggy bath plug, it’s unusal and I think my kids would love it.

  16. It’s really difficult to decide which prize I prefer, as I would share them with my daughter and my grandson, who both live with me. My daughter is my full time carer, so I’d give her first choice, as she never ever complains, despite only being 22 years old and having had ME/CFS for several years as well as hypermobility problems since she was born. She’s also a fantastic Mum to my 4 year old grandson, who would love the bath toys. So, I’m really sorry, but I’m going to have to say I love all the prizes equally.

  17. Congratulations on blogging for a whole year, it’s such a great milestone to achieve. You’ve come such a long way in that time frame and it’s amazing what blogging can bring. Claire x #CoolMumClub

  18. The light up bath toy, the duck is my favourite, I think my daughter would love this, she loves her bath times ☺️ thanks for the chance.

  19. The bathtime fun goodies, my youngest is like an orca whale in the bath, the more splashing the better. Hopefully these fab bath toys will distract!

  20. Thanks Claire 🙂 You were the first person who I guest posted for, I’ll never forget that boost of confidence it gave me in those earliest days 🙂 x

  21. No problem, I’m not going to force you to choose one! I have hypermobility problems too, so I can empathise on that part. What a wonderful daughter you have. Good luck!

  22. happy anniversary congrats on the year mark ! My favourite would be the face masks love a pamper when my daughter goes to bed

  23. The aqua coconut shy! The perfect novelty for my other half who spends hours in the bath! Why do men do that?!

  24. The face masks are my favourite. I used to use them loads, but now I don’t often remember to take the time to pamper myself. I really need to start!

  25. My favourite is the Boux Avenue gift card. Their stuff is so lovely and it would be great to treat myself.

  26. The Boux Avenue gift card would be a special treat. Congratulations on your first year. I wish I’d had this charity after my baby’s birth, I had very little help.

  27. Happy one year anniversary hunni.
    I would love to get the facemasks. I would be nice to have something for myself

  28. The oven glove & tea towel are my favourites, my daughter would enjoy the face masks, body moisturiser and Boux Avenue gift card, and my granddaughter would love the bathtime fun items & fairy lights.

  29. The LED lights as being a Mummy doing night feeds perfect so I can see to feed my little boy but not to bright to wake him up fully

  30. The facemasks would be a real treat . I’m always running around after everyone else and could do with a pamper session! Great giveaway thanks for the chance!

  31. The Shea Body Butter sounds really lovely to me along with the face masks I do love a nice pamper after a long day

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