Would you rather…? Christmas tag

There are almost always various blogger’s tags circulating around the blogging community. These generally consist of a few questions, in which you can get to know the people behind the blog better.

I have taken part in a few of these before. It came as no surprise to me when I saw a Christmas tag circulating. Thank you to Shevy at Moonsomnia for tagging me. You can read her post here!

Questions for me

Here are the questions I was given, along with my answers:

  1. Would you prefer a summer or a winter Christmas?
    I would definitely prefer a winter Christmas! I would love to experience Christmas in Australia. However, for it to properly feel like Christmas to me, it needs to be winter. When we’ve had really mild winters in recent years, I haven’t really felt like it was Christmas! If it was summer, there’s no way I could feel properly festive.
    Autumn had so much fun when she first experienced snow the other weekend. It would be amazing to have a white Christmas and have even more fun!
    Autumn in the snow
  2. Traditional roast dinner or a modern twist?
    Christmas, for me, is largely about tradition. If it doesn’t involve family and a roast dinner, it just isn’t Christmas to me. I know other families have different food, even pizza! If that’s what they like, then fair enough. However, I don’t envision ever doing that. To me, it might as well be any other day of the week.
    This was what my Christmas dinner in 2009 looked like and it’s looked pretty much the same since (just with different tablecloths, surroundings and crackers!)
  3. Real Christmas tree versus an artificial one?
    I usually have an artificial tree. However, this is the first year that we have a real one! I’m hoping that we can plant it afterwards, as ours still has its roots. I get sad about the wastage of real Christmas trees, all sad and brown after the festive season. I’m hoping we can maintain ours well and keep it happy. Anyway, I digress. Having got a real one this year, I’d say a real one! I love the smell and it just feels more magic and special, somehow. It is more work though as it requires watering and the needles make a mess.
  4. Mulled Wine versus egg nog?
    I don’t like either. Can I have a Baileys or a blueberry mojito instead please?
    Lambrini Blueberry Mojito
  5. Pet presents or none?
    I usually buy my cat presents. However, last year she was sick after eating the treats. I think her tummy has got more delicate as she’s got older, as she doesn’t always seem able to stomach treats anymore. As such, I won’t be buying her anything this year. She already has a good variety of toys and I won’t be able to find anything different to what she already has. Instead, she can have some extra fusses!

My questions

  1. What are your Christmas traditions?
  2. Do you stick to your normal breakfast or have something different?
  3. Do you have presents before or after Christmas dinner?
  4. How does Santa get into your house?
  5. Do you do elf on the shelf? If so, what has been your favourite set up so far this year?


I’m tagging the following bloggers to take part:

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Remember to tag me on Twitter when it’s posted please. I look forward to reading your answers!

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