Creating my own adults-only escape

It can be difficult being a parent sometimes, for many reasons. One problem is the lack of privacy and another is the inability to have nice things without them getting ruined.

Sarah over at Boo, Roo and Tigger Too is asking bloggers to create an adult’s-only hideaway. I thought I’d  take on the challenge and visualise a little piece of paradise where I could take time out to relax and maybe even have a hot cup of tea! As much as we love Autumn, it’d be lovely to have a place just for us where we could escape to without being surrounded by randomly strewn toys and other general baby/toddler stuff.

My vision

I love the bohemian style and would love to apply that to my adult’s-only escape. When I was growing up, a friend of mine’s house was completely bohemian and I thought it was amazing. While I’m sure adults probably weren’t too sure about the unconvential decor, I felt inspired. I admire it when people can throw various textiles and an abundance of colours together and have a room still look amazing. I’d like to be better at it and think if I tried it’d possibly just look a mess. However, I’m going to try and put what’s in my head together here. So, let’s start with my blank canvas!

Log Cabin

Here she is, isn’t she a beauty? This is the Siberian Log Cabin.

Siberian Log Cabin

Of course, I’d go for the biggest size and all the trimmings, including double glazing, toughened glass and a very good lock!

I can’t decide whether I’d varnish the beautiful wood, or paint it. If I did paint it, I think I’d go for duck egg blue. Fairy lights would adorn the frontage and I’d have plants and whimsical decorations in front of it.

Bedroom area


One of my most favourite things to do is sleep! I never want to leave my bed. So, naturally there would be a bed in my adults-only escape! I would love to have something like the beautiful, Moroccan inspired, handcarved bed below.

Moroccan Bed

I would position it at the back of the cabin against the right wall. To give it more privacy and let less light in, I’d drape some beautiful pink and green taffeta or voile materials across to separate it from the rest of the cabin.

I can’t find any bedding quite like I’d want online, but I’d like something of a Bohemian/Moroccan style that included a blush pink.

Decoration and accessories

I’d adorn the area with trailing fairy lights for a magical feel. Doing this would really add to the escapism.

I’d have a simple wood nightstand with my Himalayan salt lamp on top of it. These are considered to have the ability to release negative ions, cleaning the air. Benefits of this are said to include helping asthma, depression and anxiety. With a history of the last two, I need to do whatever I can to keep them at bay. Whether it’s a placebo effect or not, I don’t now. However, I do find the air feels fresher after it’s been on for a while. Plus, it looks pretty and would be perfect in our little hideaway!

Himalayan Salt Lamp

In the back left corner of the cabin, I’d have a tall pot plant.

Living Area


On the left wall of the cabin towards the front, I’d have a sofa. I love how soft this one looks, with its plush pink velvet upholstery:

I’ve seen all sorts of beautiful cushions I’d love to put on it. However, cushions annoy me on chairs and sofas! As such, I think I’d be better off sticking with it how it is. Here I could chill out, whilst looking out at the garden.

Hmm, I just realised if I was to have this hideaway I’d need a better garden too, though. I’m going to imagine a beautiful English country garden with lots of wildflowers, a swing, a vegetable patch and some chickens! In my mind’s eye, it would look something like this:

Other furniture

I’d have a rustic oak coffee table, something like this:

I’d have a couple of coasters on it, as well as a jar of wildflowers, freshly picked from the garden.


In front of the sofa, underneath the coffee table, I’d have this beautiful rug:

I just love the colours in it and think it would complement everything perfectly.

What else?

I think I’d find myself reading or writing a lot in our adults-only escape. As such, I’d need somewhere for my books and writing materials. I found this beautiful armoire as I was browsing the internet the other day:

I think if we carefully and lovingly added some shelves inside it, it would be perfect. In case we got hungry, we’d also have to have a big stash of chocolate in there too!

I’d like to keep the cabin fairly minimalistic, but over time it would be great to visit charity shops and garden centres collecting things. I’d like to have quite a few pot plants inside, as well as some tapestry and/or Moroccan style artwork.

Last but not least, I’d need a gorgeous and cosy throw. I’d snuggle under this to read and sip my tea on chilly summer nights and cold winter days. With everything else so gorgeous, the throw has to be colour coordinated too and I love its tassels!

What do you think of my adults-only escape? Is it a space you’d like to relax in, or would yours be completely different?

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