8 stress busting gifts mums need this Christmas!

In all likelihood you’ll be shopping for a present for someone who’s a mum this Christmas. Whether it’s your own mum, or a friend who is a mum, it’s quite likely that she’s pretty stressed! Whilst Christmas is a fun time of year, it’s often the mums in our families that go to the most effort to make it what it is. Therefore, I’ve put together a list of gift ideas that will help her de-stress once everything is done and dusted for another year.

1. Candles

I love a good candle! Heart & Home weren’t a name I’d heard of until I went to BlogOn in September, but now I adore them. I love the designs on the lids, the fact the candles are soy and their lovely range of scents.

This Christmas Night jar candle (£6.99) smells gorgeous and the votives gift set (£7.99) is also beautiful. Of course, the latter gives your recipient the option of two scents. The packaging is absolutely gorgeous too, with glittery, snowy, Christmas cottages on it.

Heart and Home Christmas Candles

2. Bespoke Aromatherapy Rollerball

Whatever you need help with in your  life, Claire of Better Wellbeing System is likely to be able to help! These special aromatherapy blends designed for individuals can simply be inhaled or applied to pulse points. Whether your mum needs something to give her energy, focus her or calm her, a bespoke blend can be created.

I had a conversation with Claire, discussing my anxiety. I have general anxiety, as well as anxiety related to health and travel. She put together four blends especially for me targeting these. When they arrived, they were beautifully packaged.

Bespoke Aromatherapy Rollerball

She had also included information on what was in each of the blends and what they should be used for. It also contained tips on how to get the most out of them. I have been using them frequently, and I do think they’ve helped. When I travelled to London recently, I used my travel blend and I think it really helped. I love having my own special blends that help keep me calm and I can pick which one I use depending on the events of the day.

Better Wellbeing System Aromatherapy Rollerball

These can be purchased on The Better Wellbeing System’s website for £10.

3. Tea

What’s better than tea? Pretty tea! As a general rule, mums love tea. These ones make a lovely gift as they’re beautifully packaged. There are other designs, but these festive ones are great for Christmas!

For bonus points, give the mum you’re buying these for the opportunity to have a cup of tea. For mums this is a real luxury! A beautifully designed gift set containing 10 packs of tea retails for £8.50

Victoria Mae Designs Tea

Even the back of the tea envelopes are beautifully decorated!

Victoria Mae Designs Christmas tea bags

4. Family Handprint Cushion

Once she’s got her cuppa though, where’s she going to sit? I find that my surroundings can really contribute to my mental wellbeing. Having pictures and things around me of great sentimental meaning make me feel happy and cosy.

How about a personalised cushion embroidered with the hand prints and names of the ones closest to you? This cushion from Girl Friday Embroidery is absolutely gorgeous.

Girl Friday personalised hand print cushion

This cushion just makes me so happy and will be treasured for years to come. Naturally, Autumn’s little hand print is my favourite.

Girl Friday personalised hand print cushion - baby hand

5. Handbag Essentials Set

One thing that makes me a lot less stressed is being organised and having everything I need in my handbag! This set of cherry handbag essentials would make a lovely gift to help mum be prepared to cover all eventualities and retails for £8.99.

Handbag essentials


6. Bath Fizzers

Something that always helps me to de-stress is a lovely hot bath. These beautifully packaged heart shape bath fizzers retail are £8.99 and would literally melt along with mum’s stresses.

MAD About You Bath Fizzers

7. Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamps have soared in popularity the last few years as people become more aware of them. They work by cleaning the air due to the ions they release. They are thought to help all sorts of things, from anxiety and depression to asthma. You can read more about the science behind them and what they can help here. One of this size (2-3kg) including the bulb costs £20.

I’ve been using for mine a little while now and I love it, I’d really recommend owning one. It makes me feel so much calmer and I do think the air feels clean. You know the way the air feels after it’s been cleared by a good storm? I’d liken it to that.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

8. Wild Rose Beauty Balm

Now, this one I haven’t tried out, but I’d like to! I love it when I find the time to pamper myself and use nice products to do so. I love using rosehip on my face, so this balm looks wonderful. Rich in anti-oxidants, it would really add a lovely touch of luxury to a mum’s daily skincare routine. This gift size balm currently retails for £12.50 at Neal’s Yard, but a larger size is available.

Failing any of that, a nice bottle of gin should do the trick!

What are you planning on getting your mum for Christmas this year? I’d love to hear!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post with all of the aforementioned companies. Items 1-7 were sent to me for the purpose of this post, whilst I have been compensated for item 8. As always, all views and opinions are honest and my own.

16 thoughts on “8 stress busting gifts mums need this Christmas!”

  1. I would love one of those rock salt lamps! They’re gorgeous, I shall forward this onto my husband…!! Haha, thanks for the share ?

  2. Love candles to relax in the evening for creating a relaxing atmosphere. I almost purchased a salt lamp but after doing some research discovered the radius they actually work for is very very small – like put your face up against the lamp distance. Great I think still for a bedside table. Also they look lovely!

  3. Me too, I love lighting candles once Autumn has gone to bed 🙂 I have my salt lamp literally right next to me on my bedside table, so I must be within radius!

  4. The bespoke aromatherapy rollerballs are an amazing idea. I didn’t know that they could make them up for you like that, it’s brilliant and I am going to forward your post to my OH now as a big hint that even he won’t be able to ignore!;)

  5. I love all these ideas so much! Please be my friend lol. My family and friends all only buy for the children if that. We always plan to get together as friends for a christmas meal or drinks which never happens now we are mums. It’s tough when it all comes down to money.

    Have a wonderful christmas.

  6. I love teas. When I must relax from a hard workong day, I cook a herbal tea and light a candle, this is my therapy.

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