October Charity Challenges: The Outcome


Last month, I decided that I was going to challenge myself to help three charities. October was a lot more hectic than I anticipated, but I still managed to support all three of them. However, my promotion of that was a little lacklustre I feel. Still, I’m still fairly new to the world of ‘proper’ blogging. As such, it’s another experience to learn from and make better for next time! I always try to help at least one charity each year, and if I can use my blogging voice to do that then that is amazing.

Anyway, without further ado, here is how I did:

Maternity Worldwide

I successfully gave up chocolate for ‘Choctober’. It was tough to do, especially as I returned to work after maternity leave last month. However, knowing that I was helping to save women’s lives kept me going.

At the time of writing, I have raised £35.50 for Maternity Worldwide, although you can still support me by sponsoring me here. So far, I have raised enough to help provide a safe birth for two women and their babies as well proving the cost of 5 and a half courses of antibiotics to help prevent infection after childbirth.

To me, giving up chocolate is a pretty big deal. However, it was worth it to help prevent lives being lost needlessly.

Chocolate brownies, given up for Choctober

Breast Cancer Care

I had an Instagram post containing pink for every day of October! This was to spread awareness of Breast Cancer Care for breast cancer awareness month.

Pink Instagram for Breast Cancer Care

It was quite difficult to try and think of something pink every day and it was difficult trying to hold off posting our pumpkin pictures!


However, as well as helping charity I really quite enjoyed the creative challenge!


I pledged to donate 1p for each like I got on my Big Pink Instagram posts during the month. I received a total of 1,497 likes on the pictures throughout October. As such, I have donated £14.97 to Breast Cancer Care. Thank you for helping me to support such a great cause!

Smalls For All

This one is still in progress. I have sourced several friends that have bras they want to clear out. I need to arrange going to collect these, as well as talking directly to relatives who possibly haven’t seen my call outs on social media.

I aim to have a package of unused underwear and lightly worn bras winging its way to Smalls For All’s headquarters in Scotland by the middle of November. Hopefully some women and children in Africa will have some nice undies by the time Christmas comes round.


It has been a bit stressful, but also brilliant to help these amazing charities! Hopefully I can do some fundraising on a slightly bigger scale next year, as I did last February when I cut my hair from waist length to chin length for The Little Princess Trust.

One of the brilliant things about posts like these is that they rub off on people. Several people have told me that they were inspired by my blog post or my Instagram feed last month. I guess it’s not just smiles that are contagious, charity is too.

Have you supported any charities this year? I’d love to hear about it!

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