Autumn’s favourite books, autumn 2017

It’s been absolutely ages since I last wrote about Autumn’s favourite books. She still absolutely adores books, so much so that a few months ago I bought a small bookshelf for our living room. As it’s at such a low height, she can get her books herself and look through them independently or ask us to read them. Although her vocabulary obviously doesn’t extend that far, being 13 months old, she waves the book at one of us and makes a noise! Although she looks at all of them, she has some definite favourites at the moment.


This book is by Julia Donaldson, author of The Gruffalo.

Colours by Julia Donaldson

Each time you turn a page, you have a colour on the left. On the right is a scene from one of the books in the series with an example of that colour in it. Autumn enjoys looking at the colours then the picture as she turns each page.

Red - Colours book by Julia Donaldson

Fox’s Socks

This book is also from the same series. She went through a phase shortly before her 1st birthday where she loved Postman Bear and it was all she wanted me to read. Now, however, she favours these two books from the series. In this story, poor Fox has cold feet and has to look around his house to find his socks. Autumn likes helping me to open the flaps to find the different items of clothing he needs to get dressed in.

Fox's Socks by Julia Donaldson


We picked up this book by Annie Simpson in the Aldi Toddler & Baby event at the beginning of September. You can see from the bites on the spine how well loved it is!

Vroom by Annie Sampson

She enjoys running her fingers over the shapes. I make funny noises for each of the things that go vroom, which sends her into fits of giggles.

Vroom book

A Time For Everything

Autumn was presented this book in church a couple of months ago. It talks about how there’s a time for everything in life. Sometimes you need to be quiet (like when a baby is sleeping) and other times it’s fine to be noisy (like at a party). This book teaches children that when it comes to life, different actions or behaviours and feelings happen at different times depending on the situation. Autumn loves looking through it and pointing at the animals, especially the cat and the duck. She also waves at the ‘hello’ and ‘bye bye’ pages.

As you can see, she hasn’t realised that there’s a time for not interrupting mummy when she’s taking pictures though!

A time for everything book

Noah’s Noisy Animals

My brother was one of Autumn’s godparents and bought this for her as a christening present.

As you go through, it shows pairs of animals and the different sounds they make. Autumn finds this very funny as I put some oomph into it and have actions I do for each page.

Noah's Noisy Animals book

God Loves Little Me

This was another book from the series that was a christening present from my brother. This educates young children on the different parts of the body and I have actions for each page. For example, on the page that says ‘Little toes (tickle tickle), I tickle her feet.

god loves little me by rebecca elliott

This book and its illustrations are so cute!

God loves little me book

Will you be buying any of these books, do you think?

Books for babies and toddlers (including Christian books)

What are current favourites in your household? We’re always on the lookout for more books to try!

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