Sunday review: Babease Stage 2

Sunday review: Babease Stage 2

I’ve been a fan of Babease for Autumn since we first started weaning her, just before she turned 6 months old. I loved how you could see the ingredients used at a glance on the back of the packet. However, it was when I met their founder, Tom Redwood at the Baby and Toddler Show a few months ago that I really became aware of who Babease were. I could see, feel and hear the passion that goes into making these products. 

I try to give Autumn the same as Dave and I, but pouches of food are sometimes more convenient when you’re out or when it’s been a busy day. When you check the ingredients on many food pouches, they’re bulked out with cheap ingredients. Tom’s words “It’s food for babies, not baby food” really struck a chord with me.

Babease aren’t necessarily the cheapest on the market. However, you know that you’re feeding your baby something that a lot of care has gone into to make it nutritionally balanced. In fact, the stage 2 pouches (from 7 months upwards) contain no fruit at all, just vegetables. There are a good variety of vegetables in the pouches, including more bitter vegetables including kale. According to the Babease website, “Studies have shown that babies who eat a wide variety of vegetables during complementary feeding go on to eat more vegetables in later childhood (up to 7 years) than those that don’t”. As someone who is a fussy eater and a sweet tooth to a fault, I really want Autumn to grow up eating well.


In the Stage 2 range, there are a good variety of flavours. At the time of writing, there are 5 options:

  • Quinoa, Beetroot, Butternut Squash & Kidney Beans With Onion, Sage & Rapeseed Oil
  • Pumpkin, Chickpea, Tomato & Brown Rice With Coconut Milk, Herbs & Milk Masala
  • Brown Rice & Chicken with Broccoli, Pumpkin & Peas & Coconut Milk with Thai herbs and spices
  • Brown Rice, Swede, Butter Beans, Courgette & Kale, With Onion, Herbs & Garlic
  • Broccoli, Parsnip & Lentils With Onion, Tomato, Quinoa, Fennel, Rapeseed Oil & Herbs

Everything is listed in the name of the product, so you don’t have to go searching on the back to find out exactly what’s in the food. They’re also organic and have no added salt or sugar.

I haven’t tried all of the flavours, but I adore the Quinoa, Beetroot, Butternut Squash & Kidney Beans With Onion, Sage & Rapeseed Oil flavour. When Autumn hasn’t finished it, I have been known to eat the leftovers!

Babease stage 2 pouches review

Autumn’s thoughts

Autumn loves every flavour of Babease food she’s tried and happy baby = happy parents! It’s great to see her enjoying good food that’s made with care and is full of nutrition.

Autumn eating Babease

Her most favourite is Pumpkin, Chickpea, Tomato & Brown Rice With Coconut Milk, Herbs & Milk Masala. She clears the bowl every time!

Babease Stage 2 review - clean plate!

Disclosure: I received samples of Babease Stage 2 in return for a review. As always, all views and opinions are honest and my own.

Have you ever tried Babease before? What flavour do you like the sound of best?


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