South East Bloggers Club Event

Still on a high from Blog On Xmas in Manchester, I was excited for my second bloggers event! It was an evening event which took place at the beautiful, historic Layer Marney Tower in Colchester, Essex last Thursday.

I’m a sucker for pretty old buildings and I was delighted to see beautiful wooden beams on the ceiling as I walked in.

Layer Marney Tower Beams


Unfortunately I didn’t arrive until an hour into the event. As such, please excuse the quality of the photos in this post as I was rushing around to make sure I got to speak to everyone! I’ve been burning the candles at both ends, being so busy with Autumn’s birthday and then going to Manchester.  As such, I needed to take some time to rest during the day. However, when I arrived at the beautiful Layer Marney Tower, I was feeling much better and ready to network! I just wished I’d got there when it was still light, as the courtyard and building itself were so gorgeous. It’d have been good to get some photos.

South East Bloggers Club

It was a fairly small event, but it was only the first South East Bloggers Club event, so I’m sure it’ll grow in the future! It was nice and cosy and there were a good variety of businesses there. As I walked up the wooden stair case, I felt the need for a quick photo opportunity as the surroundings were so lovely.

Autumn's Mummy at Layer Marney Tower

At the top of the stairs, there were a good variety of drinks, including prosecco and milkshakes from Shaken Udder. As Dave was driving, I decided to take advantage of the situation and have a glass of prosecco!


A good staple of both blogging meets I’ve been to so far is competitions – I do love a good competition! There was a table with signs on of things that you needed to do (e.g. take a selfie) and post them on Twitter with certain handles and hashtags. I was lucky enough to win the most AMAZING rocky road traybake from Cupcake Daisy!

Cupcake Daisy Rocky Road


There was a huge variety of businesses there. After a lovely chat to a lady from Perrywood Garden Centre in Tiptree, I’m determined to visit some time in the near future. The cakes on their stand looked amazing, I definitely need to visit the coffee shop and their Christmas gift section! I also thought that the indoor plants they had would look great in some flatlays. The succulents looked especially Instagram-worthy!

One of the most fun things there were Garden Games Hire UK. There was a giant jenga and other games that are just some of the entertainment they supply to weddings and events. One game had lights on it and you have to compete against someone else to hit as many lights as possible before time runs out.

Autumn was very interested in the lights on it!

After all the hard work trying to catch the lights, we were a bit peckish. Luckily, the really lovely lady from Lillypuds was there to help! We had a fantastic conversation about my life as a blogger and need to do more with my brain than just look after a baby (as wonderful as it is). Of course, we also discussed the delicious puddings that Lillypuds offer. I don’t actually like Christmas pudding, but tried some out of politeness and I was pleasantly surprised! She may well have converted me. We took away a couple of mini Christmas puddings to sample, so I’m sure we’ll enjoy those.

LillyPuds Christmas pudding samples

It seems apt at this point to mention that Results By Lucy were there, who I am hoping to find out more about. I may currently fit in a size 4, but I’m still not happy with my mum tum and it isn’t going to flatten itself! The Lucy behind the company is, of course, the gorgeous Lucy Mecklenburgh from The Only Way is Essex.

There were some businesses I wasn’t familiar with too. I’d never heard of Secret Hamper before. There was a box full of things for new parents, which was great. It even included a little something for older siblings in case they felt left out when the exciting box arrived! I thought that was very thoughtful. There was also a box full of cakes and biscuits with nostalgic music for care homes and one which was full of Essex produce. I’ll definitely be looking into these more as I think they’re brilliant.

Secret Hamper

I’d also like to mention Metallic Elephant who had a beautiful stand. I love stationery and the effects of hot foil printing are beautiful and make such a big impact! I wish I’d had one when I made invitations for Dave and I’s wedding a couple of years ago. I watched the first few seasons of TOWIE and I think it was said “Everyone knows everyone in Essex”. Well, this was yet another company there that had links to TOWIE. Apparently one of their products was used to make the invitations for the wedding of Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright.

Metallic Elephant hot foil

For one last bit of fun, we jumped into Betty Booths‘ photo booth! As much as we tried, we couldn’t get Autumn to look at the camera, but it was great fun. I think the wig actually suited Dave scarily well!

Last but not least, I met a lady from a wonderful charity called Brainwave. They work to help children with disabilities to unlock their potential. If you’re in the Essex area, they have a quiz night coming up at Benton Hall Golf & Country Club in Witham on Tuesday at 6pm. Entry is £12.50 per person and included a hot meal and free prize draw. Teams can be made of up to 6 people and the proceeds will help to raise funds for this amazing charity.

We had a fantastic evening and as always it was a pleasure to network and mingle with great company.


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