Halloween Baby Costumes 2017

I love shopping for clothes for Autumn and there are some lovely things around this autumn. I equally love finding festive outfits for her to wear for Christmas and Halloween. They’re only little once, so I feel I’ve got to make the most of it!

While I was window shopping, I thought as we’re now only a few weeks away from Halloween why not share my top pick of this year’s costumes for babies and toddlers in supermarkets and the high street!

John Lewis

This cute little skeleton outfit would be suitable for either gender of baby. I love the fact it comes with a little hat with crossbones!

John Lewis Skeleton Romper

This romper is adorable too, with its orange candy stripes.

John Lewis Stripey Bat Romper

Just look at that bat hat! I love it, but I can never get Autumn in a hat anymore. I don’t know how I’m going to keep her little head warm this winter. Anyway, I digress…

F&F (Tesco)

Hahaha, how funny is this costume? More cute than scary, I would laugh my head off if I saw a baby wearing this.

Tesco Dracula costume

This costume is so cute and gorgeous. I’m seriously considering buying this for Autumn this year.

Tesco Pumpkin Tutu

George (Asda)

This Frankenstein costume is actually amazing, although I remember him looking a lot scarier!

Autumn had this little outfit last year and it was so lovely. I want to get it for her again and take photos in the pumpkin patch we went to last October.

Look, here’s my little pumpkin at 5 weeks old, the day before her operation!

TU Clothing (Sainsbury’s)

Nobody could be scared of this spider! Babies and young children would look so cute in this; I love the pattern on the leggings!

If you know me fairly well, you’ll know that I love rainbows and unicorns. I’m not latching on to the unicorn trend as such, I’ve always loved them and never grown out of them! Maybe I’m a trend setter, haha. Anyway, I love the pattern of rainbows, stars and moons on this witch dress for little girls.


If you’d like this adorable little mummy outfit, you’ll need to be quick as they seem to be selling out like hotcakes! It’s such a cute design, I’d have loved this for Autumn when she was newborn.

My mum bought this top for Autumn and it is so much lovelier than the picture online looks! It has two glittery ghosts on it and says ‘Too cute to spook’.

I like this Peppa pig top too – and it glows in the dark!

6 thoughts on “Halloween Baby Costumes 2017”

  1. I know, they’re adorable! I’ve bought the costume she had last year in the biggest size available (12-18) in the hope that she can have her photo taken 3 years in a row wearing the same thing. She’s almost 12.5 months old now and has recently gone into 9-12 month clothing (still rather roomy), so I’m keeping my fingers crossed! x

  2. Ah, Autumn looked so cute! That little babygrow has been around a few years – my eldest had it for her first halloween too! Six years ago!
    Some beautiful bits here – dressing your baby up for Halloween is a rite of passage 😉
    Thanks for sharing with #coolmumclub

  3. It’s great, isn’t it? 🙂 I tend to spend the whole week of Halloween dressing Autumn in two Halloween outfits. I love them and it gets more wear out of them than if she only wore them on the day itself!

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