Sunday Review: Malée Natural Science

If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, you’ll know that I only review products of brands that I’m genuinely interested in. Part of the beauty of what I do is that I get to work with amazing people and as well as working with brands I already know and love, I get introduced to new brands I can be passionate about too! Malée was not a brand that I’d heard of prior to the opportunity arising to review some of their products. However, they are definitely worth getting to know!

As I get older, I find myself increasingly worried about what products I’m using. Especially since becoming a mum, I find that I worry about what they contain. After all, I can’t stop Autumn from pressing her little face against mine or touching my skin. I also find myself being more concerned about whether products are cruelty free or not and their impact on the environment.

Fortunately, Malée know where their ingredients come from and they’re 100% natural. This means that their products are full of things that you can feel happy to have on your skin, because you know they’ll be good for you. Everything is sustainably sourced, is fully recyclable and cruelty free too. The products are heavily inspired by Africa’s scents and landscapes and you can really smell that. Better yet, everything is engineered with modern beauty science to ‘nourish, heal and protect’ your skin with the help of vitamins and antioxidants.

Nourishing hand cream

My hands are often slightly red and dry all year round. I’m meticulous when it comes to washing my hands, probably going a little overboard with washing them when I’m preparing food. Add that to looking after a child and all the household tasks and you can see why my skin might have a problem! In the winter they often get unbearably painful; cracking, bleeding and stinging.

We’re only at the beginning of autumn, so thankfully I haven’t got to that point yet. However, my hands definitely still need some TLC! That’s where this hand cream comes in.

Malée Verdure Hand Cream

It smells absolutely divine and I could smell it before I even opened its tube. I really did feel like if I closed my eyes, I was being transported to the beautiful African wetlands (even though I’ve unfortunately never been!)

African wetlands

It’s a very refreshing, zingy scent. It’s noticeable, but I don’t find it overly powerful either.The scent is very gender neutral scent, so I don’t think a man wouldn’t be adverse to using this product. It absorbed into my skin quickly and left my skin feeling nourished and smooth. Hopefully it will help me to avoid my cracked knuckles this winter!

Verdure Eau De Parfum

The Verdure eau de parfum has the same scent as the aforementioned hand cream. I love putting it on first thing of a morning, as it just smells so fresh and has gorgeous zingy citrus tones which help to awaken the senses. It’s perhaps not the prettiest bottle perfume in the world, but is modern and functional and the pump works better than on any other perfume I’ve used. It all feels very well made and put together, from the scent, to the bottle to its textured cardboard packaging.

Verdure Eau De Parfum

Peppersage Soybean Candle

You can really smell the pepper in this candle. It’s a lovely scent that isn’t overly feminine, so I can definitely imagine this in a man’s apartment. It’s a woody scent, which smells warm and spicy – perfect for the autumn!

Peppersage Soybean Candle

The wick is cotton and the wax is made of soybeans. I believe candles made with soybeans are better for the environment and burn for longer too! Even better, the warm wax from this candle can be used on skin as a luxurious moisturiser or massage oil. I tried it out and it made my skin feel very smooth and nourished. It smelled gorgeous on my skin too.

All in all, I have really enjoyed the products I’ve tried from Malée. I love that their products are free of many allergens and harmful parabens, as well as the amount of care and thought that clearly goes into these products.

Disclosure: I received the products mentioned within this blog post in exchange for this review. As always, all views are honest and my own.

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