Ode to a call-centre operator

I’ve always enjoyed poetry. When I was a child, I remember spending ages giggling over Spike Milligan poems. I still enjoy them to this day! From time to time, I like writing my own poems. Whilst I’m never going to be poet of the century, they’re a different way of writing things. They get you thinking differently and are often fun.

I’ve previously written a serious poem about my breastfeeding journey coming to an end. However, today’s blog post is a light-hearted poem about a nuisance caller who rang the landline phone JUST as I’d finally got Autumn to go to sleep. I’m sure there’s a lot of Mums (and Dads) who can relate to this one! 

I struggled for hours
To get my baby to sleep
‘Til finally she was settled
There was not a single peep

Milk had been fed
She listened to a heart beat
A dummy had been given
Still she was on her feet

Of course what should happen
As soon as I got her down
But a sudden phone call
From some spammy clown

Flinching, I turned
Waiting for the tone to end
For if baby should wake now
I’d surely go round the bend

Indeed, she awoke
As I ran to the phone
But what should greet me there?
No voice, just a stupid tone!

I got really quite annoyed
By this ridiculous endeavour
Next time I’ll unplug the phone
For nap time, I treasure!


Update: I have actually got to the point of unplugging the landline phone through the daytime, as I get so many nuisance calls. They always seem to know exactly when the baby is asleep to start pestering me! As long as I remember to mute my mobile phone when I’m watching videos while she naps, I should be fine!

2 thoughts on “Ode to a call-centre operator”

  1. Don’t you just hate those calls? And at nap time?? I salute your ability to laugh at it – I would have been livid. Always love your poems and this is fab. Thanks for sharing it with me lovely x

  2. Thank you for coming to read it 🙂 These call centres always seem to pick the worst times! I was so angry at first, but I think turning it around in this poem was my way of cheering myself up about it 🙂

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